As the leaves change and the air crisps, it’s the perfect time to cozy up with a glass of wine that complements the autumn vibes. In this fall blog post, we’ll take you on a delightful journey through some exquisite wines that are sure to elevate your fall evenings.


    1. Whiny Baby: A Playful Prelude- Kickstart your fall wine exploration with Whiny Baby, a wine that embraces the spirit of the season with a touch of playfulness. Its vibrant flavors and lively character make it an excellent companion for those laid-back fall afternoons. The OMG!? Fizzy Rosé is full of strawberry, raspberries and stone fruit with a lingering sweetness. It’s ideal for fall especially with crispy skinned pork, butternut squash, and baked brie with pecans! The Unwined White Blend is full of ripe pear, pineapple, and citrusy freshness; it’s a perfect fall aperitif. The Obsessed Red Blend is one you may become obsessed with with its bold red fruit, drink-ability, and ability to chill on these warmer fall days!
    2. Las Mulas: A Symphony of Sustainability Embrace the eco-friendly side of fall with Las Mulas. This organic and sustainable wine not only pleases your palate but also aligns with the earthy and natural essence of autumn. Produced by Miguel Torres wines, a winery I have been a big fan of forever you can sip and savor the rich, fruit-forward notes while knowing you’re making a green choice. The Sauvignon Blanc is bright and refreshing with enticing tropical fruit nice structure and a long finish. Ideal for seafood stews and any pork braised cider dishes for fall! I also fell in love with the Rosé which is full of fresh red fruit and elegance with a cheerful finish. This wine should be gifted, sipped, and enjoyed with a fall cheeseboard and your favorite people! The Cabernet Sauvignon is so drink-able and delicious and can be enjoyed with anything from steak to tacos to savory short ribs for fall. This is a silky, elegant cabernet that is way too easy to drink! 
    3. El Coto Rioja: Autumn in a Bottle Transport yourself to the picturesque landscapes of Rioja with El Coto. These Spanish gems captures the essence of fall with their robust Spanish notes and hints of spice. These are all the perfect choice for those chilly evenings when you want to warm up with a glass of elegance! The Blanco is very fresh and vibrant and made from Viura, Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc grapes. This blend is layered and so refreshing and ideal for fall appetizers like burrata with caramelized onions and balsamic. The Rosé is quite special and made from garnacha and Tempranillo grapes, that were part free-run juice and part of a special maceration and pressing. It has nice strawberry notes with touches of sweetness and underlying caramel notes. On the palate it’s a little sweeter and ideal for spicy takeout! The Crianza is made from Tempranillo and sees 12 months of aging in oak and 6 in the bottle. This creates layers of complexity and a silky palate combined with beautiful toasted oak and vanilla. 
    4. Banfi Winery : An Offering of Elegance Introducing Banfi Magna Cum Laude Toscana IGT, a wine that adds a touch of Italian elegance to your fall lineup. Meaning “with high honors” this wine is exceptional and ideal for a gift as well as a nice fall meal. With a harmonious blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah, this wine delivers a symphony of flavors that resonate with the richness of the season. Toast to the perfection of this Toscana IGT as you immerse yourself in the sophistication it brings to your fall festivities. ASKA Bolgheri Rosso has a super cool story and is so in alignment with fall as the legend goes ” ASKA, in Etruscan means container. The Etruscans used it as a vessel to store wine and olive oil and to collect perfumes and nectars. However, not only as the legend goes, this was a treasure chest to protect hopes, dreams, happiness and joy, entrusted to Estruscan gods Cuatha and Sernia (Sun and Moon), represented by the two bright spheres which mark day and night on the label. Produced with a selection of Cabernet Sauvignon with a small percentage of Cabernet Franc from highly specialized vineyards, Aska is the Bolgheri Rosso DOC that expresses the winning alliance between tradition and innovation which is, and always has been, a core Banfi philosophy.”  Overall these wines will pair beautifully with any fall dish as they are elegant, juicy, and full of complexity and the essence of Italy!
    5. Lifevine 2022 Rosé: A Blush of Joy Conclude your fall wine journey on a joyous note with Lifevine 2022 Rosé. This vibrant and refreshing wine captures the essence of fall in a blush of pink. Its lively character and fruity notes make it a delightful choice for celebrating the beauty of the season. This wine is perfect for those looking to have less sugar but not sacrifice delicious taste and boy did LifeVine wines hit the mark with this one! It’s juicy and vibrant with beautiful acidity and freshness with lingering red fruit and spice. Serve with some fresh baked white pizza or a fig and brie flatbread for the perfect fall pairing!
    6. Ramon Bilbao Wines: A Toast to Tradition Fall is a time for traditions, and Ramon Bilbao brings a touch of Spanish tradition to your glass. With a heritage that spans generations, this wine embodies the timeless flavors of Rioja, which I love adding to my fall and winter lineups. I tend to drink more Rioja this time of year for seasonality as well as comfort food dish pairings. The 2016 Reserva is exceptional with beautiful Enjoy the warmth and depth that this classic red brings to your fall gatherings. This wine is amazing with licorice, menthol, and black and red fruits with medium intensity and lingering finish. This wine makes a great gift too especially for a fall BBQ around a fire pit. The 2015 Gran Reserva is beyond elegant and also their great legacy with bright ripe fruit and hints of cherry. Noticeable oak but well integrated, this wine should be sipped and enjoyed with other Spanish wine lovers and has a long, long finish!
    7.  Dutcher Crossing Winery: Tradition, Stye, & Complexity Some of my favorites I always love to mention is this winery who showcases grape varietals for all their beauty. They stick to tradition, innovation, and passion which produces a range of wines that honestly are unmatched to many California wines! I have been such a fan of Dutcher Crossing wines over the years, and have enjoyed their 2017 Russian River Valley Chardonnay (NEWER VINTAGE AVAILABLE) which is ideal with seafood, butternut squash, and all of your favorite fall foods. When it gets chilly outside however, the fall calls for something sweet, seductive, and delicious and that is the Dutcher Crossing 2014 Port! This port of Zinfandel is a burst of flavor on your palate with a liveliness and pops of acidity that make it truly addicting with a finish of nuttiness and sweet fruits. This is a great wine with chocolate and s’mores by the fire pit!

      Photo Via Bodegas Bianchi


      8. Bodegas Bianchi: Celebrating Organic Excellence with a winery with a legacy spanning four generations, stands out in Argentina for its commitment to sustainability and innovation in water management and energy efficiency. As we know I love organic wines, and have been heavily focusing on them for various reasons.  This esteemed 95-year-old producer offers fantastic wines and I had the pleasure of tasting the Organic Malbec 2022 and Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2022. These wines, crafted from organic vines that are three decades old, are designed for enjoyable sipping while retaining a refined structure and fresh fruit essence. Now, normally I shoot in my home but realized after I sipped these I enjoyed them so much, I thought I took images but didn’t. That also just tells you how good the wine was! $16.99 

As you embark on this fall wine adventure, remember to savor each moment and appreciate the unique character that each bottle brings to your glass. Whether you’re curled up by the fire or sharing a meal with loved ones, these wines are sure to enhance the warmth and magic of the season. Cheers to a fall filled with exquisite flavors and unforgettable moments!