Not all Sauvignon Blanc is created equal, and one winery is choosing to make their Sauv Blanc stand out! Cooper and Thief Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that’s fun for summer and will tantalize your taste buds.

A Cooper is a skilled craftsman who hand-makes barrels, and a Thief is what you use to “sneak a taste” out of a barrel. This is where the name of the wine brand came from, and this is what they do differently with their wines. I first discovered Cooper and Thief when I tasted their red wine aged in bourbon barrels. It’s higher alcohol and intense, making it a beautiful wine to sip all winter long. I am a fan of the brand, and was hoping they would create something new and exciting soon, and they did!

Note: this wine does not taste like tequila, so don’t worry. Even if you don’t like tequila you still may enjoy this wine. It’s a rich wine that’s a blend of Sauvignon Blanc mainly (78%) and a small amount of French Colombard with a touch of Semillon and some other whites (about 10%). It has a refreshing acidity that we love when it comes to sipping SB, but with toast and vanilla notes from 3 months of aging in Casa Noble Añejo tequila barrels. The barrels give this wine some heat and structure but it still maintains it’s fruit forward citrus characters. It’s around 16% in abv, so make sure to share this bottle with a friend, or friends and enjoy with seafood, summer vegetable risotto, or tacos!

Looking for a stand out white to sip this summer? Cooper and Thief Sauvignon Blanc will be a winner at your next summer bbq or get together. It’s unique and unlike any other white you will have this season, so give it a try sometime. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this wine with it’s uncommon aging methods.