images-4Sapporo, a Japanese Beer that comes in Premium, Light, and Reserve is not just crisp and refreshing with Sushi and Soft Shell Crab during the summer months, but is great for the colder months that are heading our way. As the chill fills the air, we tend to stay in more, have friends over, and get excited for all the holidays around the corner.

Sapporo pairs beautifully with Stinky Cheeses, Blood Oranges, and Avocados.

IMG_6372     Stinky Cheeses? Wait, what? Yes, these beautifully washed rind cheeses from the Wegman’s Cave give you a “smellier” array of aromas, but when paired with Sapporo it’s certainly divine. Sapporo is a lighter beer with a nice medium plus body, refined bitterness, and generous aromas of hops. The cheeses bring out the hops, combat the bitterness, and this smooth Japanese beer evens out those funky flavors in the cheese. For a side: chop up some fresh Blood Oranges, Avocados, Cilantro, and some Lime, mash it up into a Guacamole and you have yourself the best sharable appetizer that looks eye appealing on the table, makes for a great conversation, and of course a delectable pairing.

IMG_6346      IMG_6368

For those of you who want some more pairing inspiration, I also recommend Grilled Smoked Gouda Cheese on Sour Dough, Truffle Salt Popcorn, and even Brown Butter Cupcakes! See all the wonderful pairings on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to stay tuned for the Video on YouTube when the new channel re-launches this month!

Please Pair Responsibly…