IMG_0700The day of the “Booze Cruise” seems so “been there done that” doesn’t it? Sure those booze cruises are great with friends and will have you stumbling off the boat (security will be sure to direct you off safely) but what if you wanted to cruise around NYC, see the sights, and take in all the beauty of the NYC skyline? Classic Harbor Line has two Sail Boats and a 1920’s style Yacht that are all out of this world stunning. The Schooner America 2.0 is quiet, elegant, and relaxing.

Imagine sailing the Hudson, watching the sunset, and seeing breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty. Sometimes it’s just fun to get “outside the city” without really leaving Manhattan. Sunday sunset sails are the perfect way to end the week and that’s exactly how I spent my July 5th. Picture yourself relaxing on the water gazing at the NYC skyline and Lady Liberty with friends, family, and or your significant other. It’s really quite romantic and one of the best ways to spend these final summer months doing something pretty fantastic.

 IMG_0694  Classic Harbor Line is a hidden gem that leaves from Chelsea Piers in NYC. Here you will see the Schooner Adirondak, Schooner America 2.0, and Yacht Manhattan awaiting to take you on a beautiful 2 hour journey. On the sail boats you can pack a picnic and drinks are supplied. I enjoyed a Blue Point Brewery Summer Ale which completely paired with the sunset and weather. This brew is full of citrus and is light and refreshing. When those humid, hot, and sticky days here in NYC get the best of you, the best thing to do is get out on the water and set sail. The wind is subtle and the motors are turned off as much as possible once the big white sails are up. The crew is very attentive and friendly. I really enjoyed how passionate and knowledgeable the crew members are who can tell you all about the NYC sights while providing excellent service.

IMG_0708Bubbles, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir are offered aboard this sail, and for around $78.00/pp you can enjoy a comfortable sailboat, rounds of drinks, and this also makes an incredible and unique gift to give! This is one of the best experiences in Manhattan, on some of the most beautiful boats, with a very warm and welcoming staff; it’s really an unbeatable experience! Those in the outer boroughs of Brooklyn, soon they will be adding a sail near you.

Also offered from Classic Harbor Line are some other fun and delectable sails including:



Day Sails: Stacked with Pale Ale’s and anywhere from $48.00-54.00/pp

Brunch Sails: Boozy brunch on East Harlem or the Hudson $88.00/pp and or a Buffet Brunch Sail for $72.00/pp

City Lights Sails: See NYC at night on this gorgeous, very quiet but romantic nighttime sail for $54.00/pp

Sunset Sails: See NYC and Lady Liberty at sunset for $68.00-78.00/pp

IMG_0696Some special sails coming up:

Wine Tasting Sail: A different theme each week on the Yacht Manhattan with wine and cheese pairings! $104.00/pp

Full Day Cruise to Bear Mountain: This one is a full trip up the river for $178.00/pp

Chef Morimoto Sake and Sushi Sail: Remember how delicious my experience was? Here it is for $124.00/pp

Industrial Waterways of Freshkills Park: Cruise the magnificent industrial waterways with AIANY for $76.00/pp


What will you do with your summer? Find a sail that suits you and enjoy… I promise you will not be disappointed!