IMG_0469 Thanks to Cornerstone Communications I was able to try some vibrant and alluring Portuguese Rosé. I decided to taste two wines for dinner because, well, I knew one would go great with the meat, and the other with the shrimp and spiced vegetables. Esporao wines are gorgeous, bright, and full of mouthwatering acidity.

The 2011 Vinha Da Defesa Rosé, was intense, refreshing, and had some minty notes. Made from Syrah grapes, and at 13.5% alcohol, this wine certainly surprised me in a very good way.  With nice, juicy acidity and a great fruit forward balance, the London Broil complimented the wine very nicely, and vice versa. Rosé is a fun versatile wine that can go well with thinner meats; and by thinner, I mean that I slice my London Broil paper-thin. The Defesa really complimented the meat in such a sensual way it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

IMG_0474The meal was Surf & Turf, so accompanying the meat was Grilled Garlic Shrimp and Herb Roasted Vegetables. I chose the 2012 Alandra Rosé to complement my seafood because of the fruitiness in the wine. The Alandra was striking, with a gorgeous pink rose petal color, like that of my favorite pair of high heels. Smooth and elegant on the palate, this wine was easy to drink and delicious till every last drop!

IMG_0475Ok, so maybe that’s not the only reason I chose to drink two Rose’s, but hey, they both went very well with the meal and the best part was that my Mom loved the Alandra and I, the Defesa. It was a wonderful girls night and I was able to teach my Mom a thing or two about Portuguese wines. What I love about the company Esporao, is that they are more than just great wines and olive oils. The group is involved in activities within the community involving Ecology, Health, Alcohol, and Social Responsibility.

Always remember… Eat what you like and drink what you love!