IMG_0579Rosé Friday means it’s time to talk about one of my favorite wine styles, which is rosé! This “French” themed drunk brunch was inspired by my beautiful friend Yolanda Shoshana: Clairvoyant, Sex Expert, Food, Wine and Lifestyle Writer (who speaks and is learning French).

Provence rosé is known for it’s delicate and floral wines that are perfect for sipping in this hot summer sun. The aromas are usually very fresh and sometimes you can even find watermelon, and blackberry, some pepper or spice lingering in these wines too! This wine making region of France is known for rosé, and Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Rolle grapes grow really well here. Of the 1,600 wineries in Provence, only 18 are cru classé, and Château Saint-Maur in Provence is one of them. For brunch we enjoyed the Château Saint-Maur L’Excellence cuvée. 

IMG_0573This 2013 Cru Classé is lovely with character, personality, and elegance. This wine is complex with floral and berry aromas with an initial fresh taste that becomes smooth and rounds out nicely on the palate. The acidity is very well balanced in this wine. Paired with this beauty: “Gruyere Puffs” aka Pate a Choux and a Fried Egg, Bacon and Dijon Mustard Salad. After came a French inspired chicken dish stewed and slow cooked with vine ripe tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs and spices; it was a very comforting meal. Paired with the 2011 Louis Jadot Pommard. Some sides for this brunch included: Onion Gratin and Asparagus with Bacon on these very “French country style” plates from Sur La Table.  

IMG_0577Pommard is often considered the most “masculine” Côte de Beaune red. This wine is a firm, full-bodied wine that is luscious, round and generous, with a fruit forward nose and earthy flavors. A balanced and long finish, this wine was enjoyed even after the meal was over.

Are you a fan of French wines? What’s your favorite French dish to make at home? Comment below!