IMG_0116Cava is one of my favorite styles of sparkling wine, and is Spanish wine made in the style of Champagne. Segura Viudas is a well known winery producing some fantastic cavas at even more fantastic prices. Cava gets a confusing reputation sometimes, as many think of it as less quality, however that is the complete opposite.

Cava is bubbly, elegant, and can have a lot of different personalities. Like Champagne these bubbles are a big crowd pleaser and are a great bang for your buck! This Segura Viudas Rosé Cava is a Brut(dry) Rosé thats berry forward and absolutely delicious! Let’s just say I paired this wine with life! Haha, this is not because I didn’t feel like whipping up a pairing, but I really just generally enjoyed this bubbly on it’s own.

IMG_0117It’s friday, I love rosé, and it’s always good to reward yourself with some bubbly!

The structure and acidity in the wine are beautifully balanced and if I were to choose a pairing for this, id choose a lovely cheese platter with fresh honey comb, currants, and some dried apricots. Add some dark chocolate on that platter for good measure and you have yourself the perfect aperitif wine and food pairing.

Always remember… eat what you like and drink what you love!!