IMG_5468As mentioned in previous articles, Rhone wines are extremely versatile. These wines express the beauty and best the Rhone Valley has to offer and pair well with an array of dishes from many countries. Just how versatile are they? Well, lets just say that in one dinner, Rhone wines were paired with dishes from Scandinavia, Japan, Mexico, and America…. Yes, none from France!

We started off in the cold Winter of Scandinavia, where the scenery may have been snowy, but the food was delightful and comforting. Rye and Bulgur Crisp, Fat, Butter and Ash Malted Wheat Dirt, was placed beautifully on the plate with a side of Pickled Carrots and Brussels. This dish was creamy and delectable and went perfectly with the Tavel, Prieuré de Montézargues, 2013 Rosé. This went great with the crisps, while the minerality in the Costières de Nîmes, Michael Gassier La Petite Ruche, Nostre Païs, 2012 White wine, made the salty Brussels dance on the palate. The second dish, which also went very well with the wines, was the Poached Egg, Parsnip, Nettle Whey, and Farmstead Cheese. This dish was lighter and elegant with just the perfect touch of creaminess.

Japan in springtime is beautiful. How do I know? Well, they took us there too! The wines were: Cornas, Clape, Cuvée Renaissance, 2011 Red and a Vinosobres, Perrin, Les Cornuds, 2011 Red. These wines were outstanding as these Syrah grapes do so well in the North. Paired with these two lovely wines was an interesting and authentic dish, in which I could not put down my chopsticks! Kombu Cured Tuna, Rice, Egg, Pickled Vegetables, Nori, Smoked Kombu Broth, and Fermented Tofu was just what these wines needed to create one perfect pairing!

Mexico in the summer can be hot, hot, hot! Poultry Roulade, Smoked Grains and Seeds, Rose Petal Mole, Tcho Bitter Chocolate, Pepper Raja, and Chèvre Tamale, was the dish that won my heart. Maybe it was because of the chocolate, or the fact that I love sweet, salty, and crunchy all in one dish, but whatever it was… it was incredible. Paired with this dish was a Gigondas, Ogier, Oratorio, 2010 Red, and a Hermitage, Delas Frères, Cuvée Marquise de la Tourette, 2008 Red.

NYC in the fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, especially when in Central Park. The trees turn amber, yellow, and orange, and sweet baking spices come into full blossom. We tasted a Muscat de Beaumes de Venise Fenouillet, 2012 White, which was sweet and elegant, with just the perfect amount of honey and honeysuckle on the nose. This playful wine went beautifully with the Modern Apple Pie, Modern Cheesecake, and SCDNYC Almond Black & White Cookie. These three desserts were perfect for a NYC fall themed course, and the leaves falling from the ceiling added that perfect touch.

            Thank you to Rhone Odyssey, Sopexa, and Teuwen Communications for planning and preparing such a wonderful event, and a very big thank you to Chef Russell Jackson for an outstanding menu, as well as Head Sommelier Michael Madrigale for a wonderful walk through all the Rhone wines!