IMG_9323This year do something different with your left overs from St. Patricks Day and make yourself this delicious Slammin’ St. Patty’s Breakfast Sandwich! 

Stew your corned beef in beer and a touch of water all day while at work. The beer gives it a nice flavor since I choose not to use the spice packet included with the beef. When you come home from work, you can boil the potatoes and cabbage and have yourself the proper Irish feast. All you need is a side of Irish Soda Bread and a Guinness and you’re all set.

This year I chose some German Beer to pair with my Corned Beef feast the night of, that way I can pair a Beer Cocktail with my sandwich (if I had off from work course) in the morning! This Slammin’ St. Patty’s Sandwich is delicious, gooey, and packed with flavor. After a night of drinking and partying, this is absolutely needed to make it through the day. The Fried Egg, Corned Beef, Kimchi, and Mustard topped with toasted Brioche Bun is heavenly.

The egg is runny, the corned beef salty, the kimchi spicy, and the mustard and bread tie it all together. 

Slammin’ St. Patty’s Sandwich!- Recipe by Sara Lehman

IMG_93334 slices Corned Beef

2-3 pieces Kimchi (mild)

1 Egg

TT Dijon Mustard

1 Brioche Bun

* Side of Home Fries: Use leftover boiled potatoes and pan fry in a little oil until you reach desired crisp. 

1. Re-heat the corned beef in a non-stick skillet. This will warm things up for the sandwich.

2. Throw in the kimchi and mix with corned beef until warm enough but not cooking again.

3. Toast the brioche bun slices.

4. Spread one side of bun with mustard, and layer the kimchi, corned beef, and egg onto the sandwich. Serve with side of crispy home fries and slam this sandwich down before work (if you have to go the next day).

Brews Used: Blue Point Brewing Hoptical Illusions (for the beef), Erdinger Hefeweizen (for the pairing).