Plum wine…Ever try it? Well if you have, you know it is sweet, smooth, and oh so refreshing on these hot summer days! This delicious hidden gem is found in many wine shops, liquor stores, and of course Sushi Restaurants! I love going out for sushi and having a glass of this wine because The sweetness pairs so well with Asian cusine!

The beauty of wine is that not all wine is made from grapes, infact some wineries have actually won awards for their fruit wines. According to,, “Nashoba Valley Winery in Massachusetts is well known for its orchards operations, and most of the wines they produce are based on these harvests. Their peach wine has won many awards, as has its blueberry port. Moonshine Valley Winery in Australia is well known for its fruit wines, and Michigan is famous for its fine cherry wines.”

So far in my career of tasting I have spent most of my time tasting wines from different grape varietals. After learning about Plum Wine in class one day, I had to try it… and well, I was in love! This wine is great because it is sweet and great for sipping. This Japanese beverage is made by steeping the green plum into a clear liquid, and the resulting taste is a sweet and smooth sensation. I was pleasently suprised when trying plum wine for the first time because I noticed peach and apricot notes within the nose and palate along with some clove overtones. It was very interesting and consistent all the way through with a nice fruity finish. Plum wine is relatively inexpensive and great to try with miso soup, sushi, and other salty Asian cusine! I especially enjoyed my wine with my miso soup because of the saltiness in the soup and the sweetness of the wine. What I also found interesting was tasting it with sushi because the soy sauce makes the sushi saltier, but with the tuna and wasabi, the flavors all just came together in a harmonious way! The sushi spot I went to was Mikado Japenese Bistro and Sushi Bar on 14th street in New York, New York.