Pinot Noir and Pizza is a fun summer lunch and dinner idea. Have some friends over, make some pizza, and pair your favorite pinot noir’s with some cool toppings for the ultimate evening.

Why dine out when you can “pair in?”

DETAIL-FROZ-pizza-cheeseAtkins, known as the low carb diet trend setter has been around since before I was even born. Today, for those looking to enjoy a bottle of wine and lessen the carb load, you can enjoy an Atkins Fire Stone Cheese Pizza with a nice medium bodied red wine.

These lower calorie, lower carb, “healthier” pizza options are great when you need a quick weeknight meal. After a 12 hour day at work, sometimes you want to come home enjoy a nice glass of wine and food. The thought of cooking and cleaning after a long day is always a chore, but when you want to stick to your healthy diet, and budget, whats a wine lover to do?

Atkins pizza’s are a great replacement for those quick meals. My sister, who is a pizza lover tried these personal fire stone pizza’s with me, and she loved them even more then I did. I always know something’s worth buying if she enjoys it, as she has the pickiest palate I have ever come across.

mark-west-cellar-selection-pinot-noir__60280.1410841797.1280.1280I paired these pizza’s with a Mark West Pinot Noir, a perfect spring and summer red that will go with almost anything. A delicious weeknight meal and bottle of wine for under $20.00!

Ps. The pizza’s are frozen, so I recommend baking them for the most authentic taste. If you can not bake, microwave, and then broil to keep it crispy!