I was having dinner with a sommelier the other night, and I decided to make my carrot cake that is absolutely to die for! I would normally give out the recipe but it is a family recipe and I want to use it in my restaurant one day, so I am sorry about that.
We wanted to try and pair a wine with the carrot cake, and we found the PERFECT PAIRING! This sherry was fantastic, we chose it because we knew it would have that nutty flavor that could really bring out all the fantastic flavors in the cake and compliment it… well let me tell you that when I tried this sherry then ate a bite of the cake, it completely changed the flavor! When eating the cake alone, it is sweet, the texture is moist and since I do not add nuts to the cake you taste none. After eating the cake, then trying the sherry, you taste nuttiness and its not too sweet or overbearing, it actually balances the entire dessert! The nutty flavor in the sherry and because it is so smooth and not overbearingly sweet, it goes perfect! DEFINITELY A MUST TRY!