HI_RES_Cab_Gaston_2012“What is it about wine that allures you? The taste? Acidity? Or Aromas? I want it to be the prettiest expression to entice you while you sip and savor your glass. I also want you to continue to want to drink it…” That was just the beginning of a beautiful discussion with Florencia Palmaz, of Palmaz Vineyards, CA.

Palmaz Vineyard is 18 stories high but underground; yes they built underground instead of above! This female dominated winemaking team consists of a farming crew of 12 and 5 winemakers. Florencia encourages her team to be creative and passionate and not focus on tedious unnecessary work.

She is adorable, passionate and enthusiastic. I could honestly listen to her all day and with her background as a biology major, she shared some interesting insight on tannins. She describes tannins as washing off fat and salt when you’re eating… you’re “tanning your tongue”. Visually I was able to understand this and it made absolute sense.

As for the wines, in the words of this rockstar female winemaker: “The 2012 Cabernet is just dying to be loved! It’s her baby and builds like a perfume. Once it hits harmony and balance, it’s ready to be in your glass!”

Palmaz vineyards doesn’t compromise on quality, they simply make less if needed. We tasted through the 2013 Palmaz Vineyard Chardonnay, 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, and the 2012 Cedar Knoll Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Palmaz also grows other grapes such as Riesling and Muscat and the vineyards are placed stretigically where the bottom is for the “plushy cabernet’s”, the middle is for the “problem child whites”, and the top of the vineyard is where they plant the “big and strong” cabernet’s.

This vineyard is the only one in the world to use gravity flow (underground 18 stories). Florencia explains that it makes the wines feel exceptionally smooth even at a young age. Using tanks and French oak barrel’s, she blends like a spice rack, and thats why these wines are just so damn delicious!

The third glass that draws you back… that’s what I want; Something special in my wines, and if it can give you unexpected joy, then i’ve done my job! – Florencia Palmaz.