image002-22Earth Day is this Friday April 22, 2016 and if you plan on enjoying wine with your weekend, then try some organic wines! Organic wines aren’t hard to find, nor are they too expensive compared to other wines. Many wines from growing areas all around the world are organic, sustainable, or biodynamic and range in price from ten to twenty five dollars or more (depending on the wine).

image004-9The BANFI Emiliana Vineyards in Chile are 100% biodynamic (I like to think of Biodynamic as Organic +) and make up the biggest producer of biodynamic wines in South America. The vineyards “buzz” with bugs, bees and native wildlife that provide a natural defense against vine-destroying insects. Flowers and native plants thrive throughout, providing another simple and cost-effective method of pest control and helping to counteract soil degradation. The use of chemicals at this vineyard is shunned. Instead they are in favor of natural compounds, such as copper and nitrogen and compost is sourced from spent grape skins and stems. Emiliana’s Natura Wines celebrated its U.S. debut in 2006, which marked the cutting edge of an altogether new category of wines made from organically grown grapes. Natura is a collection of superbly made, affordably priced organic wines crafted for everyday enjoyment and accessible pricing for every budget. 


Emiliana produces a range of wines including Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Chardonnay and Rose – all made using 100% organically grown grapes.