etheoreticallySokol Blosser Winery in Oregon that makes some pretty easy to drink, yet complex wines that range from $15-20.00. Besides being budget friendly, the wines range from white to red and even sparkling, so no matter the occasion, there’s a reason to drink Evolution Wines from Sokol Blosser Winery. May is Oregon Wine Month so for the rest of may, I am on a mission to pair these Oregon wines with some tasty dishes!

“Our goal is to make a wine that appears simple – easy drinking, relaxing – but in reality is quite complex. Producing a proprietary blend like Evolution is a combination of art and science. People always joke around, asking whether we created this blend on purpose or if we just blended leftovers and it happened to work. That’s where we got the idea of “Luck vs. Intention” that is used on the label”.

esparkling-bottleThis month try some Evolution Wines. The Evolution Sparkling, is dry and crisp with aromas of apricot, green apple, pear, and citrus ($22), which makes it perfect as an aperitif, with brunch, or with some grilled veggies or seafood. The Evolution White, is intense and tropical with a crisp clean finish, and is the perfect sunny day sipper paired with a picnic basket ($15). When the day starts to dwindle down and sunset sets in, the Evolution Red can be your go-to, because it’s a bold red wine blend. The blend is made with unexpected (for Oregon) grapes of syrah, montepulciano, sangiovese, and a splash of Evolution White; this is what makes this wine one of a kind and for $15, it’s a steal!

Enjoy Oregon Wine Month with Evolution Wines! Please pair responsibly…