IMG_8077The New Year is approaching and as you sluggishly drag yourself to work, after all the Christmas and Hanukkah festivities, its time to start making plans for this New Years Eve! Some of you brave the NYC streets to watch the ball drop, some pour into bars, and others like myself, like to have a nice dinner and enjoy some great wine.

This year if you choose to stay in and throw your own party, celebrate a new year and some great new beginnings by giving your guests something to really remember; a DIY Bubbly Bar!

Yes, this DIY Bubbly Bar is so much fun to not only show off, but it brings all your guests together, leaves you free to mix and mingle, and the cleanup is as easy as it gets (for an at home soiree). A very big thank you to Palm Bay InternationalSolerno Liqueur, Wild Hibiscus Flower Co., and Emmi Kaltbach for making my holiday bubbly bar so special.

IMG_8079Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur is one of my favorite additions to any beautiful bubbly. Simply pour a little into the bottom of your glass, top with bubbly, and throw in an orange slice. This simple cocktail is one you and your friends will absolutely love.

What bubbly would I recommend for a fun DIY bar like this?

1-2 Cavas: Pere Ventura Tresor Brut Rosé

1-2 Champagnes: Gosset Excellence Brut Champagne

1-2 Moscatos: Terra Andina Moscato from Brazil; yes, Brazilian Moscato… and it’s fantastic!

1 Trento DOC Sparkling Wine: Ferrari Brut Rosé

2 Proseccos: Bottega Venetian Gold Spumante and Mionetto Prosecco

*Prices/Bottle range from $20.00-80.00. 


Here’s how you go about this DIY Bubbly Bar: 

IMG_80441. Gather 6-8 bottles of Bubbly. Choose different kinds, don’t just stick to Champagne because everyone has different palate preferences.

2. Grab those cocktail “accessories”:Wild Hibiscus Flowers, Rose and Hibiscus Cocktail Concentrate, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, Pink Limoncello.

3. Grab some garnish: Black Berries, Strawberries, Orange Slices, and Sugar (colored if you can find or dye yourself).

IMG_80514. Don’t forget your glassware! Champagne Flutes or Wine Glasses are a must.

5. Bring out some great light bites and pairings like:

Sushi: Tempura rolls, spicy sushi, vegetable, and dumplings because Sushi and Bubbles make for beautiful pairings!

Cheese and Crackers: Emmi Kaltbach Le Gruyère AOP and Emmentaler AOP cheeses will be a HUGE hit for the table, and pair beautifully with bubbles!

Desserts: Red Velvet parfaits, Rainbow Cookies, Chocolate Truffles, and Sliced Fruit.

6. Enjoy endless cocktail creations, daring pairings, and good times with great people

7. Have a very Happy New Year!