Cheese is my favorite food and on average I eat some form of cheese at least four days a week. I can say without a doubt it’s something I can not live without, and I am very grateful that I got to work with Cheeses of Europe again for another delicious board! I received samples of two types of cheeses that were just delicious when I served them on Christmas. These cheeses are extremely high quality, and Cheeses of Europe offers the best selection you will find.

On this beautiful board you will find Mimolette cheese which is a cows milk cheese. It’s sharp, nutty, and striking color wise making it appealing for the eye and palate. It’s a pressed cheese thats cooked and has four different ages all in one: 3, 6, 12, and 24 months. It’s a unique cheese that won the crowd at Christmas and it’s one I like to naturally crumble because it’s fruity, nutty, and just delicious. You’ll find the texture is playful and enjoyable on its own, you won’t even need a cracker. This cheese can easily pair with wine, and we enjoyed a beautiful Enzo Bartoli Barbera d’ Asti with this and some other cheeses I will discuss below.

The Barbera d’ Asti was absolutely incredible with the nuttiness of the cheese, slight salinity, and fruitiness. The cheese and wine complimented each other the way a wine from Cahors would. This cheese pairs nicely with deep red wines, with earth, terroir, and fruit driven characteristics. Read more about the Barbera here!

The second cheese I enjoyed from Cheeses of Europe is the Brillat-Savarin which is ideal for spreading on crackers. If you enjoy Trader Joe’s like most people do, grab the Fig Olive Crackers and spread some Brillat-Savarin on top and you have yourself such a delectable pairing! This cheese is smooth and so delicious everyone also fell in love with this one over Christmas. I could honestly eat this with a spoon, however for sharing purposes we chose crackers. I also love the Wegman’s Seeds and Cranberry Crackers which also go nicely with the mild triple cream cheese. This cheese is soft and ripened for about 1-2 weeks up to 2 months and is buttery and rich and just a little bit salty.

This cheese we paired with my Belle Casel Asolo Prosecco! This is an organic Prosecco thats aged 15 months in stainless steel before the 2nd fermentation, and then 6-8 years of bottle aging. This family of wine growers is in the heart of Asolo Prosecco and they product simply stunning wines to pair with many types of cuisines. With cheese however this was a perfect match and it’s fun to blend different countries wines with cheeses and see just how cool the old world pairs with one another!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!