Today is National Rum Day! Jumbie, a Caribbean barrel-aged rum, comes from a Caribbean folktale. It was believed many years ago, in the caves of a remote Caribbean Island, was a well sought after rum recipe, which remained hidden for a long time, because the natives feared entering the mysterious alcoves in the belief that “Jumbies”, or spirits trapped inside, would possess anyone who found the recipe and consumed the rum. Jumbie Splash is a flavored rum, and is a tribute to that rediscovered recipe from long ago. 

Celebrate national rum day with two of my newest favorite frozen concoctions that are the perfect treat in this sweltering, august heat!

IMG_7690Cocoa-Nut Freeze- by Sara Lehman

2.5 oz Jumbie Coconut Splash

4oz Daily’s Cocktails Chocolate

TT Ice cubes (approx. 10 cubes)

TT Cocoa Powder (garnish)

Method: In a Bella Blender (or another type of blender) combine the Jumbie, Daily’s, and Ice and blend on the Frozen Drink setting until smooth. Pour into a highball glass or beer glass, and serve with a straw and top with cocoa powder.

IMG_7691Strawberry Pineapple Daiquiri- by Sara Lehman

5oz Frozen Strawberries

4oz Jumbie Pineapple Splash

1.5 oz Lime Juice

TT Ice (4 cubes due to frozen strawberries)

Method: In a Bella Blender (or another type of blender) combine all ingredients and blend. Mixture should be smooth and the pineapple rum adds the sweetness needed for this simple daiquiri.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love… Please pair responsibly.