May 25, 2017 is National Chardonnay Day! For all my Chardonnay wine lovers out there, this day is absolutely for you. Thanks to Notable Wines, this Thursday you can join the Chardonnation by sipping some of their 2015 and 2016 chardonnay expressions. The 2016 is fruity and crisp, with nice ripe notes of golden apples, lemon peel, and stone fruits, while the 2015 is certainly one the oaky and buttery lovers will enjoy.

The two wines are distinct interpretations of America’s favorite varietal, with front labels featuring musical flavor notes as visual tasting cues to help guide wine drinkers to their ideal bottleNotable helps eliminate confusion in the wine aisle, with flavor notes describing the two wines displayed right on the label (so simple). The Down-Under Chardonnay from Australia, which is described as “Fruity & Crisp,” showcases vibrant, fruit-forward flavors of citrus, melon and peach. This expression is very different from the 2015 California Chardonnay, which is “Oaky and Buttery,” thanks to its nine months of aging in French oak. The oak imparts butter and toasty vanilla notes that California Chardonnay lovers crave. You can find Notable Wines at various retailers near you, so be sure to pick up a bottle of your favorite expression, or both and see which one becomes your favorite! Be sure to share your Chardonnay experience on social media, using the #Chardonnation hashtag, and tag @NotableWines wines on Facebook and Instagram as well as @SommInTheCity (because id love to see the pictures if you celebrate this Thursday or over Memorial Day Weekend!)