August 30th is National Cabernet Day! It’s a day to appreciate the grape varietal and drink plenty of it! On the 30th I will be celebrating my enjoying some Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon, which represents 135 years of family winemaking.

James Concannon began importing great quality Cabernet Sauvignon vines directly from Château Margaux in Bordeaux back in the day when he was first starting out. This set into motion the Concannon family’s commitment to producing exceptional wines! Years later, Jim joined forces with UC Davis to select cuttings from those Château Margaux vines. The cuttings he chose, later became known as Concannon Cabernet Clones 7, 8 and 11. The vines were dynamic, virus-resistant, and played an important role in helping California Cabernet achieve international recognition.

Today, 80% of California’s Cabernet Sauvignon is planted with Concannon Clones, so it’s no wonder why it should be one of your top choices for National Cabernet Day! I had the pleasure recently of tasting two very special Concannon Clones including the 2017 Concannon Paso Robles Cabernet and the 2016 Reserve Mother Vine Cabernet!

The 2017 Paso Robles Cabernet is luscious with aromas of red berry black currants and some spice. On the palate, it is well rounded and alluring with cocoa and more spice notes lingering with a smooth finish. It’s a powerhouse wine, that will open up in the glass and should be paired with red meat and Korean BBQ! $20

The 2016 Reserve Mother Vine Cabernet is stronger with aromas of blueberry, cassis, and spice. On the palate, more vanilla and berry flavors arise, with a seductive lengthy finish. This wine is powerful and elegant and is perfect for an evening with great food and friends!  $45

I always enjoy American wines and Concannon is one of those iconic wine brands that you will always remember and enjoy. Every time I taste a new Concannon vintage I am always impressed with the taste and quality, but it’s the big bold reds that really are so seductive.

Happy National Cabernet Day! Please pair responsibly.