don_vnyrd_40One of the most popular grape varietals from Rías Baixas is Albariño. Bright, crisp yellow apple and fruit forward aromas are just some of the beautiful characteristics of this grape. 30 year old vines, late ripening, sand and granite soils, and the right winemaker’s touch is what makes these wines beautiful. The terroir here gives these wines striking acidity, freshness, and flare!

Bodega Don Olegario, which is an artisanal winery started by Adolfo Falcón in the 1950s in the northwest region of Spain’s, Rías Baixas D.O. Bodega Don Olegario is an Albariño I tried recently and fell in love with. I am a fan of these balanced and dry but bright and beautiful wines. This image005-4bodega remains one of very few single estates in Rías Baixas (where land is often divided among hundreds of growers) allowing the bodega control of its fruit from field to bottle and ensuring a pure expression of the Albariño grape and its terroir.

Pairings for this lovely Spanish grape would be: Summer sun (as this is totally a great wine that can be enjoyed on its own), Manchego Cheese and fresh Honey Comb, Cranberry, Plum and Prosciutto Salad, and even creamy pasta! 

Happy National Albariño Day! In order to enjoy this national wine day on a weekend, try it with some of your favorite foods… Albariño is a very pair-able and approachable grape!