MyMo Mochi Ice Cream is an absolute favorite when it comes to holiday parties! I love offering mochi because it comes in a variety of flavors, and is the perfect size dessert. These pop-able rice dough covered ice cream balls made many appearances at my dinner parties so far this season, especially the new fall flavors like Apple Pie A La Mode, and Pumpkin Spice! These few bite sized frozen desserts are always everyone’s favorite whenever I bring them out.

MyMo Mochi Ice Cream has been around for a while now, and I have been a fan since the beginning. I started finding them at Wholefoods, in NYC and really loved having them in my fridge. I’m one of those women who always needs something sweet before bedtime, and I find MyMo paired with a glass of wine (preferably something red) is the perfect bedtime snack that allows me to have a treat without feeling too much guilt.


My love for MyMo spread to work, where I had the idea last year to pair mochi with more than just wine. I partnered with Real McCoy Rum and we did a mochi pairing and rum class at One Sixty Madison! The white rum paired nicely with the green tea, while the double chocolate paired with the 5 year oak aged rum. We then paired a Classic Daiquiri with the mango mochi. It’s a fun idea, since there are so many options, but not a lot of cleanup so these make it very easy for small kitchens and gathering spaces. These perfectly pop-able desserts are ideal for any occasion this holiday season.


Some of my top favorite flavors are: 

Green Tea

Pumpkin Spice

Apple Pie a la Mode (DUH!)

Double Chocolate 

Ripe Strawberry


They also make sundae flavors, mango, vanilla, and non-dairy options! They sell them at just about every grocery store from NJ to CT, so far as I have seen, but for those of you reading from other states, you can find MyMo by the locator here and see where they are at a store closest to you!

Happy Holidays, and don’t forget MyMo for your next gathering! Everyone will love the variety of flavors, and the convenience of having a small dessert!