I am sure many of you have gone into a wine or liquor store and noticed a wine called Middle Sister. They have a cabernet, malbec, merlot, a blend, chardonnay, and pinot grigio, all named after different “sisters”. The Wine Sisterhood is a creative and fun company in Santa Rosa, California making very reasonably priced, fun wines to drink for any occasion. I literally survived Hurricane Sandy with this wine while stumbling upon it in the only liquor store open in the entire area the day Sandy hit Jersey!

I decided to buy the Middle Sister Merlot “forever cool”. It is 94% merlot and 6% malbec so it can technically be classified as merlot. With hints of berries, cherries, and vanilla, I decided to pair this wine with Sautéed Lamb Chops, garlic, onions, and brussel sprouts with garlic whipped potatoes. The wine is very fruit forward and pleasant, so I did not want the dish to overpower any flavors in the wine with a complex dish. This wine is so easy to drink and can truly go with anything or does very well on its own, so it is no surprise that it increasingly popular.  This company truly has made their mark in the wine industry with their thriving consumer friendly wines. Check out their website to read more about all the fantastic wines they have to offer with their collection as well as great blogs, recipes, videos, and other great thoughts.