One of my favorite places to go to in NYC is The Liquor Lab in SOHO. This spot is the perfect place for a cocktail class and you will learn how to make up to four cocktails in two hours. It’s a fun shake and stir kind of class where you can “learn a little, and drink a lot”. I enjoy going here for a class right before dinner because in NYC you can have a few drinks at a bar, and make dinner reservations for 9 pm with no problem.

I love Tequila! When I saw Liquor Lab offering a Winter Margarita class, I booked it instantly. Here we made four delicious Margaritas including Kiwi Margarita Fizz, Blood Orange Mezcal Margarita, Ginger Coconut Margarita, and the Oats and Spice Margarita. Here during the class, they will walk you through all the ingredients for each cocktail, as well as give you time to consume them with some food pairings. My favorites of the evening included the

Kiwi Margarita Fizz- using kiwi infused vinegar and Blanco tequila, this cocktail was tangy and delightful! The fizz adds a nice uplifting taste with the vinegar and overall this is a great aperitif cocktail to get your palate ready for some food!

Coconut Ginger Margarita-  This one stole the show with its creaminess, spice, and overall taste! I highly recommend trying to make a coconut sour mix for this, which they made for us here.

Blood Orange Mezcal Margarita- I love Mezcal and blood orange, so essentially this had to be one of my favorites! It’s exactly what I wanted and would make it again and again!

Liquor Lab is the perfect spot for parties, corporate outings, events and more. I love it for a date night because it gets you and your date talking, working together, and who doesn’t love to have a few drinks? Tickets range $70+ per person, depending on the class, and the selection can be found on their site. The instructors are funny and engaging, and really help you understand how to build a cocktail and why you mix what you mix together. I highly recommend this spot whether you’re an enthusiast or a novice cocktail consumer because you will have a wonderful time!