Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away! If you’re still thinking of the perfect gift to give mom, you found the right article. I am the daughter that can never pick just one gift, and so my thing is to make gift bags and baskets and boxes for mom. She always loves it, and it’s a great way to give her lots of little things I know she’ll love, if I can’t come up with one thing I know she’d need.

Sometimes this is a great way to also show how much you pay attention to a person, giving a basket or bag or box with small gifts can really mean a lot to them, showing them that you care, while also thinking of many needs. This years box (only because I used all my baskets for events this year) consists of some amazing skin care, wine of course, some awesome non-alcoholic mood boosting beverages, and more! Mom just became a grandma, so this basket was perfect to show her how much she is loved, how beautiful she is, and how much she deserves some “me” time to herself. I wanted this basket to be uplifting, fun, and yet pamper her at the same time!

Here are some of my top picks, to build mom the perfect Mother’s Day basket. Keep an eye on my instagram @SommInTheCity as well, so you can see all my Mother’s Day favorites leading up to May 8th that week.

Ca’ Furlan Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut ‘Cuvée Mariana’ – These mini’s are ideal when she comes home after a long work day and wants to pour herself just one great glass of wine. Maybe she’s celebrating something, or maybe it’s hot out and she wants to sip this by her pool. The Ca Frulan Rosé Prosecco is ideal for those who love fruit forward, dry, elegant sparkling wines. $11.99/750ml & 3Pack Mini’s available. 

Alize Triple Melon Every year for Mother’s Day I have my mom wake up to an amazing brunch. I always include her faves like Challah French Toast, Frittata, Fruit Salad with Honey and Lime, and Maple Bacon. The past few years I have always included some bubbly as well as an Alize Brunch Cocktail, because mom deserves it! This year I wanted to try this flavor, and wow is this good. In the past I have always used Alize Peach or Pineapple, but this one is so incredible for spring and summer. It’s an infusion of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe mixed with passion fruit juice and vodka. It’s great as a spritz or you can make it more into martini style cocktail and add in vodka, schnapps, and more. Alize has great recipes on their site! This I know will last her through all of spring, and can’t wait to show you what I make her on Mother’s Day. $19.99

2019 Cavalchina Amedeo- This gorgeous white just screams spring. I had the pleasure of visiting Cuztoza and amazing winemaking region in Italy while on a trip to Bardolino and it was such a beautiful area. I even had the pleasure of visiting Cavalchina and tasted this as well as some of their incredible rosés. The bright fruit, refreshing acidity, smoothness, and it’s finesse are just ideal for the upcoming warmer months. Mom has a great backyard where I am often grilling and hanging poolside once the season is right, and this wine is the perfect poolside pounder!

Greenline Goods Glassware- I have gotten my mom into coupes and all kinds of glassware. She, like me is now obsessed and so I knew she needed some amazing glassware, so when I am home visiting her making her cocktails, she’ll have gorgeous glassware to sip from. I love Greenline Goods because they’re great quality and also good for every budget. You can get 15% off using SITC15 and click the link through my shop page (it’s that much easier!). $24.95+

Psychedelic Water These sparkling water’s are ideal for any mom who wants a little mood boosting action in her day. We may be the reason she drinks, but we can also be the reason her mood is boosted too with the help of this Psychedelic Water. It’s the first water like this on the market and I have tasted a few including Hibiscus and Prickly Pear and they rock. Mom can easily drink these on the go, or when at home after a long day of taking care of everything. Using a fusion of Kava, Damiana and Green Tea these fun flavors she will surely love. It’s non alcoholic, sparkling, and made using only natural ingredients. $42/8 pack

ü Relax Calming Tonic Some nights mom needs to be calm, because lets face it… besides life, we drive her pretty crazy! These plant driven tonics last up to four hours and give you a really nice calming feeling all over. It’s not like a body high, and they don’t have any TCH or any effects like that, but you generally just feel a bit calmer, and I was able to handle things a bit less reactive on a stressful day. These also include Kava Kava, so similar to our water above they have those fun effects too. “Each ingredient has been clinically-tested in double-blind placebo-controlled trials, and carefully selected with the proper dosage for a calming tonic that’s as effective as it is tasty.” – $36/6 pack

Olive Natural Skincare- The most luxurious and Nature Certified organic skincare from New Zealand! I always have to include some skincare for mom in her Mother’s Day gifts because my mom loves to try new things. I tested this skincare for a few weeks now, and it’s brightened my skin using it daily. I love the texture and feel of it on my skin, and it doesn’t affect my makeup. I had no reactions and I have sensitive skin so this was awesome! I tried the brightener and the all purpose balm and both are so great. Mom needs more than booze and some calming serums, so grab her something good for her skin too! $15+

If you don’t want to do a whole basket, but you want to make her the most incredible lunch or dinner then you must get this Salt Cured Cod from All Foods Spain! It ships frozen and defrosts quickly. Give it a good rinse before cooking, because since its salt cured it will be too salty when cooking. You can serve it raw or cooked, I happen to really enjoy pan searing it.

It’s honestly the best cod you will ever have! It bakes well and sears well, and takes just minutes to cook. My husband is obsessed and now demands it every week or two. It pairs so beautifully with a bottle of DS Champagne or a nice bottle of Rosé too. I have had it with both and it’s just a perfect fish to pair with wine.

You can get the DS Champagne shipped right to you from my shop page, plus the cod HERE. They both ship quickly, so you can easily get them in a few days. $95/bottle and $70/5 Filet’s Cod


This is honestly the gift I will be giving mom this Mother’s Day, but I will be celebrating a week early with her. You better believe some of this cod is coming home, she is going to be so in love, and I know yours will too.

If you want to pair mom with something sweet this Mother’s Day, then you must get her a box of Synful Eats! This Brooklyn based couple makes incredible sweet treats for everyone to love. I paired them with wine in one of my reels, and let me tell you these are some of the best blondies, cookies, and cakes I have ever had. The double chocolate salted cookie was my absolute favorite, while apple cinnamon cake brought back so many baking memories with mom. The toffee blondie is out of this world, while the peanut butter s’mores is absolute heaven.

Their cookie of the month made with Strawberry Rhubarb and Vanilla Shortbread Crumb will be what I am ordering for my mom this Mother’s Day! It sounds like the perfect spring treat for a fun cocktail pairing, and well… I ate the entire box, so there’s nothing left to bring home to her; haha! 

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!