Photography by Sarah Bode Clark Photography


Photography by Sarah Bode Clark Photography

La Maison Maille is a boutique mustard and vinegar company that’s been producing quality products for 267 years! It is the attention to detail, array of flavors, and quality ingredients that set Maille apart from the rest. Recently Maille held a flavors event at the Tasting Table Test Kitchen where the mustard was showcased in a variety of small plates, desserts, and cocktails.



Wait, did I just write that a mustard was used in the cocktails? Yes, and the hints of mustard in both the Maille Punch and Dear Messieurs cocktail were beautifully integrated. The Tasting Table Test Kitchen is a beautiful space suitable for this style event. Arranged on the table were small plates where Maille Mustard’s showcased their versatility with food.


Carrot Mustard Crusted Arctic Char

with Maille Carrot Mustard

Burrata and Beet Salad

with Maille Beet Mustard

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

with Maille Olive and Herbs de Provence Mustard

Local Potato and Sunchoke Salad

with Maille Mustard


Photography by Sarah Bode Clark Photography

While sipping some Maille Punch, guests also enjoyed canapés which were Maille Mango Vinegar and mustard infused. I really enjoyed the cocktails, and was pleasantly surprised how well mustard integrated in them. The Dear Messieurs was more of a martini style and garnished with a Maille Cornichon, while the punch was served as a batch cocktail and was a fun fruity drink. Orange and Pistachio Mustard Panna Cotta was a sweet way to end the evening along with having the opportunity to fill a Maille Chablis Mustard jar!


Photography by Sarah Bode Clark Photography

Maille mustards and vinegars come in a variety of flavors that are delicious on just about everything. For recipe inspiration, mustard flavors, or to find a boutique near you, visit