IMG_1570Magnifico sparkling wine is now an absolute must have in my household. This unique brand actually infuses their sparkling wines with Ginger, Peach, Grapefruit, Lavender, and or Honey. These sparkling wines don’t have bubbles quite like Champagne, but they certainly are wonderful for celebrations, food pairings, and of course… as an aperitif.

I paired the Ginger P├¬che┬áMagnifico with some Nordic Cheeses, and itIMG_1571 was unbelievable! The Nordic cheeses, which you will find at my house, and Aquavit restaurant, as well as select Nordic restaurants in NYC, are pungent, creamy, and oh so delicious, especially with the dry, fruit forward, nature of this wine. The glass itself is also another gorgeous addition to this lovely pairing as it’s flute shape captures the amazing aromas to this sparkling wine. I recommend this wine served slightly chilled and with some Brie, Berries, and or even some Quince Paste!

Always remember… East What You Like, Drink What You Love!