No one really likes to count calories, especially when it comes to wine. We all know wine has quite a considerable amount of calories per glass, and although I myself try and ignore it, those glasses do creep up on you! In college we used to drink wine and have dance parties, so calories were always burned. As an adult, many of us don’t drink cheap magnums of wine and have dance parties till all hours of the night, so less calories are burned now a days when its “wine o-clock”.  Sometimes you just need a few glasses, and sometimes you need the bottle. On the nights when you need more than a glass or two, choose something with fewer calories.

“I heard it through the grape vine…” -Marvin Gaye

image002-6Laurent-Perrier Champagne Ultra Brut has an average of 65 calories/glass. This does depend on the size of your glass, and no, the giant Christmas Tree Shop glasses that are novelty items do not count as a glass. A normal wine pour and or a fluted glass would be this calorie amount. This is nice because many other sparkling wines and Champagnes are around 90 calories/glass. Why? Well, theres no sugar  or “dosage” added to this Ultra Brut. This wine is becoming quite popular, and still pairs well with all your favorite foods like Oysters, Sushi, and Cheeses.

It retails for around $80.00 because it is great Champagne with crisp and refreshing mineral notes.

Here’s another sweet little way to add wine into your daily life!