What is a love potion? (Mainly in fiction) A love potion is a potion designed to create feelings of love.

What is a love song? A love song is a song about being, falling, or staying in love with another person. Of course there are other love songs describing previous loves, lovers, etc, but for this Valentines Day we are sticking to the pleasant and perfect pairings!

All-4-One. If you are not familiar with them, you will be once you hear this song! This iconic song has been featured in many movies, weddings, and anniversary parties. It is sweet, sensitive, and seductive which is why when paired with the right cocktail, wine, or food, this song can really come alive!


Now, because this is a site that focuses on more than just wine, thats exactly what we are giving you! Here are some “Song-spired” I Swear, by Grammy Winning All-4-One pairings for your Valentines Day!


The Questions In Your Eyes: This cocktail will have you questioning only one thing… “How many more sips till we hit the bedroom”!

.5oz Kinky Liqueur slider1

2oz Figenza Fig Vodka

2 Basil Leaved Muddled

TT Sparkling Moscato


1. Shake all Liquors in a martini shaker with middled basil

2. Pour into wine glass

3. Top with Sparkling Moscato

*Figs and Basil are all known Aphrodisiacs. This cocktail is fresh, fun, kinky, and when paired with Baked or Fresh Oysters or Dark Chocolate… it will get your blood pumping in all the right places!


The Moon & The Stars: GIBbottle

Hard Row To Hoe Vineyards in Washington State is one of a kind when it comes to making fantastic Sparkling Wines in the Champagne Method. Their “Good In Bed” Bubbly will have you and your sweetie glad you ended the night early or are spending it in. Pair this with some Lobster Tail and Basil Butter, or Baked Brie with Figs, and or Crab & Avocado Dip with Basil Baked Crostini! $42.00/Btl. 

*Because sometimes… a good “OH” can send you to the moon and the stars! 



Happy Tears:

6oz Belvedere Vodka

TT Olives (I prefer black for a fun twist on a classic favorite) unfilteredamericanhustle


1. Shake vodka over ice in martini shaker

2. Chill glass, strain vodka into glass, garnish with olives.

*Because sometimes the perfect cocktail is the simplest way to have “Happy Tears”.  Pair this with Steak Frites and a Smoked Paprika Aioli! 



Every Beat Of My Heart: This pairing you will literally love with every beat of your heart!

IMG_4017You cant beat a Dark Chocolate Cupcake stuffed with Bourbon Caramel Bananas and topped with Cinnamon Rum Chocolate Ganache! Paired with this sinfully delicious dessert is of course the Banfi Rosa Regale Sparkling Wine. This Brachetto is bold, beautiful, and perfectly sweet to sip with this delectable dessert!