I had the pleasure of tasting some very fun crafted French wines this summer. Le Grand Verre offers a nice variety of wines and allows you the option to taste wines without having to buy the whole bottle. They work with smaller winemakers, female- led estates, and many wineries who are doing things a bit different in a great way. They also offer sustainable packaging, which is important in today’s day and age, and the best part is, you always have a glass of wine ready to drink when you come home!

I also love these wines for picnics, and other outings because they fit great anywhere. Luckily even though the packaging is sustainable the quality of the wine is there. You’ll be tasting and enjoying high quality, smaller produced wines that are perfect all year round.

I had the pleasure of tasting four wonderful wines from their collection which included:

Château Peyredon 2019- A delicious red wine from the Haut-Medoc, Crus Bourgeois area. This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and is full of blackberry, strawberry, and vanilla notes that follow through all the way to the finish. It’s a great wine for the upcoming fall season, and even on the hot days is great with a bit of a chill on it.

Château Val D’Arenc 2020-  From the Bandol area, comes one of their finest rosés! This is a lovely wine with grapefruit, peaches, and some dark fruit notes. This wine is certified organic, and just delicious. I absolutely recommend this for year round drinking!

Domaine Caylus 2020- A gorgeous rosé from the Pays d’Herault area. Made from Syrah and Grenache, this lively wine is exciting and perfect for fall sipping. Nice tropical fruit flavors, combined with some strawberry, and ripe pineapple make this a very palate friendly and food friendly wine.

Domaine Caylus Chardonnay 2020- Definitely a great wine for those who love a nuttiness to their chardonnay’s. This wine is powerful, with citrus and hazelnut all the way through to the finish. Mingled in are some peach aromas and flavors, but overall this is a great chardonnay to pair with salads, cheeses, and to enjoy as an aperitif.

You can easily purchase these wines here and even shop some bundles! They range from $6.25-$7.50 a bottle, which is great considering a glass of wine at a restaurant is double that or more. If you’re seeking something special to offer to your guests or to give as a gift, I absolutely recommend Le Grand Verre!