US Valentines JpegCanned cocktails? Why not! These Kiss Mix canned cocktails are perfect for all outdoor occasions, and or when you really just want a quick cocktail. I must say the Cosmopolitan was refreshing and just what I need after some work nights.

Flavors are: Lemon Drop, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver and Gin & Tonic, and they’re all good. I myself was surprised how much I did enjoy these, but they are not sweet; well, the margarita is… but in a good way. The cosmo was on point and I am a loyal fan of the cosmopolitan cocktail, and Kiss Mix makes a good one!

Take these on your next picnic, to the park, or to a friends BBQ. These cute little cans are so much easier, more fun, and 8% alcohol!

What do you think? Want to make Kiss Mix a part of your spring and summer fun?