The Penrose recently held a summer cocktail kick off hosted by Deussen Global Communications. Lucid Absinthe, William Wolf Pecan Bourbon, and Blue Nectar Tequila all made their appearances in quite a few cocktails. This evening was filled with booze, light bites, and a wonderful ambiance.

IMG_5210Lucid Absinthe is the first genuine absinthe. This is made with real Grande Wormwood, and does not make you see any green fairies. When mixed properly into cocktails, this spirit is stunning. The Lucid Frappe and Suissesse are two cocktails that featured Lucid and they were both delicious. The Frappe was refreshing and reminded me of a “Good and Plenty at its best”. The Suissesse was fun, frothy, and smooth.

William Wolf Pecan Bourbon was also a crowd pleaser and is deliciously smooth. This bourbon makes for the perfect sweet treat on ice, but also was wonderful as a William Wolf Sour and in the Pork Pie Hat. The Pork Pie Hat was one of my favorite IMG_5198sipping cocktails and went down so smoothly you almost didn’t realize you were drinking bourbon. This cocktail paired very well with the Beef Tartare and Mac & Cheese Bites served at The Penrose.

Blue Nectar, a smooth tequila thats making its way to the Big Apple soon was another fun spirit of the night. Both the Silver and Reposado were delicious in The Minted Mule and the La IMG_5208Carerra cocktails. The Minted Mule was refreshing and makes for the perfect summer sip.

The food at The Penrose is delightful. Their selection of light bites included Mac & Cheese Bites, Crab Puffs, Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms, and Beef Tartare on Crostini.

For those of you who want to learn more, stay tuned as these spirits will make more appearances on this site all season long!