IMG_1138Kaiken Winery produces wines from Argentina and they are fabulous. Bright crisp whites, smooth and sexy reds, and even unique but delicious sparking wines are what you will find from this wine making part of the world.

Wines from Argentina many know as Malbec, Torrontes, and Cabernet Sauvignon because these grapes grow well here. Kaiken however also makes lively IMG_1141Sauvignon Blanc’s and even a Rosé made from the malbec grape. Recently I had the pleasure of dining with winemaker Aurelio Montes, who took us through some of his collection. Paired with these wonderful wines was fresh sliced meat “butchered to order” from The Meat Hook out in Brooklyn. They use farm raised fresh meat with local farmers who humanely raise their animals. If you seek to learn how to butcher the right way, The Meat Hook even offers classes on proper butchering.

Argentinian wines go beautifully with meats, especially when served rare to medium rare. In Argentina it is custom to have meat filled BBQ’s with wonderful wines and company. Kaiken Malbec won my heart with some Lamb Ribs and Lamb Shank that was cut to order. The malbec brought out the freshness in the meat and some smoked savory notes, while the fresh vegetables, wine conversation, and rounds of pounds of meat made you feel as if you were really in Argentina dining with the locals.

IMG_1162The Cabernet Sauvignon was big, bold, and perfectly balanced… this one is a wonderful year round red, however in the colder winter months it’s the perfect wine to curl up with near a nice fireplace!

Argentina has been making wine for many years, so its no surprise that quality wineries such as Kaiken practice as organic as possible. These wines are premium wines at unbeatable prices. You can lay the cabernet and malbec down to age if you would like, however they are enjoyable and beautiful to drink now too!

Always remember to eat what you like and drink what you love… please pair responsibly!