Joseph Carr, the second I received the invitation to a lunch with him and Gary Sinise I was celebrity stricken and a little shocked. What an honor to meet both of these incredible men, and I get to sit with them and have lunch! Yes, a celebrity in my mind are the wine makers I meet and get to speak with and dine with.

IMG_5013Josh Cellars, a Joseph Carr wine strikes your palate with fresh aromas, quality driven fruit forward notes, and leaves you with a smooth and sensational finish. This wine was named after Joseph’s Father and really is such a touching label. These wines range from $14.00-18.00 and are a wonderful buy. Releasing his new Legacy label was just one of the many highlights of the lunch. Located at the Waldorf Astoria, we sipped the Josh Cellars, Sauvignon Blanc with some Crudite and began what was to be a wonderful afternoon.

Gary Sinise, who we all know from hit TV show CSI IMG_5024is not only a crime solving stud, but also has a passion for helping First Responders. Its funny, when we think of all the foundations today and how many people these wonderful programs have helped, we never stop to think if the men and women who put their lives at risk all day everyday are ever helped. They are so busy helping us, and we know them as our heroes, but what if we could help them? With Gary’s foundation… we can!

Josh Cellars and Gary Sinise’s foundation teamed up and are helping first responders. Let me walk you though this beautiful lunch so we can get the full picture… as this is a wine site after all.

IMG_5015The Josh Cellars Chardonnay is striking and beautiful, full of ripe yellow apple and gooseberry. On the palate this wine is crisp and medium bodied and went beautifully with the Grilled Shrimp over Avocado and Green Beans. 

After the lovely appetizer and pairing, we moved on to some Josh Cellars luscious and sexy reds. I happen to love the Cabernet Sauvignon, as it expresses everything you could possibly want in a California Cabernet and leaves you with a velvety mouthfeel. This went beautifully with the Filet Mignon, Pearl IMG_5016Onions, Asparagus, and Potato Gratin served. The filet was perfectly cooked and medium rare, the onions were perfectly pop-able, and the asparagus was divine. This was one of those pairings you had to know was going to be perfect… and it was!

Next came a selection of cheeses to pair with The Legacy, a beautiful red blend. This wine is stunning with a deep purple core. The aromas scream IMG_5019cherry, plum, chocolate, and sweet baking spice. On the palate this wine is sexy and full bodied with all of those beautiful fruit and chocolate notes following through. This wine went exceptionally well with the Orange Blue Cheese and Manchego Cheese, as well as some mini pastries served alongside this wonderful third course.

Be sure to check out the Gary Sinise  Foundation as IMG_5022well as Josh Cellars wines. Josh is Joseph’s hero and Gary’s Foundation helps hero’s, so be sure to show your support for such a wonderful brand and cause.