While attending the Fancy Food Show, I discovered a delicious non-alcoholic drink mix that makes holiday entertaining and lower calorie cocktail creating so much easier. Jordan’s Skinny Mixes are low sugar and calorie drink mixes that come in a variety of flavors. Each mix comes bottled, with flavors like Blood Orange Margarita, Apple & Spice Moscow Mule, Mistletoe Martini and more!

I recently tried the Blood Orange Margarita and fell in love. This mix is sweet enough but not overly sweet and pairs beautifully with tequila and mezcal. I’ve been really into mezcal lately so I used my favorite Kimo Sabe Mezcal to make one incredible and somewhat healthier¬†version of a Blood Orange Mezcal-Rita (less sugar = slightly healthier)!

Skinny Blood Orange Mezcal-Rita– by Sara Lehman

2.5oz Kimo Sabe Mezcal

4oz Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Blood Orange Margarita Mix

Salt + Cayenne Pepper (for the rim)

1 Lime

Method: In a shaker, combine the mezcal and margarita mix. Top with ice and shake well until chilled. Add in lime juice and shake one more time.Using some left over lime juice, rim the glass with some lime juice then dip it into the salt and cayenne mixture. This adds a fun spicy note to the cocktail, with the smoky mezcal flavors and delicious blood orange mix. Enjoy!

Apple Spice Moscow Mule- by Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

*This one is super simple…. just add vodka!¬†

4oz Apple Spice Moscow Mule

2.5oz Vodka

TT Cinnamon and Sugar

Method: If you want to rim the glass with sugar and cinnamon this is a spin I found fun and brought the low sugar mix a little kick it needed to make it a touch sweeter, without adding in too much more sugar. Cinnamon in this cocktail really works if you want to sweeten it without adding sugar.

In a mule glass, combine Jordan’s Skinny Mix and some vodka over ice. It’s really that simple and delicious. Enjoy!

Stay happy, stay healthy, and drink some delicious skinny mixes this holiday season!