Patricius Tokaj FurmintHave you had the chance to try Hungarian wine? This month I tasted Patricius Furmint, which originates from the Tokaj region of Hungary. This grape grows well there, and is one of the most widely well known. It is used mainly to produce dry, single varietal wines and is quite lovely. The Patricius Furmint is mineral driven with balanced acidity and stone fruit flavors. Sitting on an estate in the oldest wine appellation in the world, Patricius Tokaj’s, 2015 Furmint is the perfect accessory for picnics as well as pairing with chicken, seafood, and sushi. 

I tasted my Furmint and instantly knew I needed to pair it with sushi. It’s minerality and acidity with subtle white peach notes complimented sushi rolls such as: Sweet patricius tokaj furmintPotato Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Sesame Crusted Tuna Roll, and in fun fashion, a “Jersey Housewives Roll”, and some Pork Gyoza (I had help eating all of this). The wines bright and attractive acidity pairs nicely with crunchy tempura as well as fattier fishes such as tuna, which is why it makes a perfect sushi wine. It’s a Hungarian treat you simply can’t beat, and would also compliment grilled oysters, shrimp tacos, and large seafood towers!

For those of you seeking a fun summer wine to sip with your favorite sushi and seafood dishes, I absolutely would recommend you try Patricius Tokaj Furmint. For around $15 you have a wine thats simple and elegant with wonderful aromas and a long fresh finish!

Please pair responsibly.