HoneyvineWine cocktail lovers get yourself a bottle of Honeyvine! I absolutely love this wine in a cocktail, and nothing is more refreshing, fun and great for brunch or lunch like white wine with a little something extra… don’t you think?

This is a natural blend of honey and white wine crafted by Reggie Hammond: WinemakerHoneyvine is made from quality California grapes, pressed and cold-fermented  in stainless steel tanks which produces fruit forward aromas and flavors.

The natural honey and essence allows for this wine to really stand out in a cocktail and add some fun to your end of summer and fun fall drinks. What else can you do with Honeyvine? You can whip it into goat cheese and spread it on some crostini (recipe here), you can pour it over some vanilla ice cream, and of course drink it with a little bubbly or soda water for a fun and fizzy wine cocktail!

I absolutely recommend this wine for those looking for a little something sweet to add to their daily wine routine. I love drinking this wine as well as cooking with it, and can’t wait to share some new recipes with you on The Savory Side by Somm In The City!!