So we may have missed a few days of posting delicious holiday inspired cocktails, but that does not mean that we have stopped drinking! Here are days 5-8, four cocktails to surely keep you in the holiday spirit!


Ice Queen Martini IMG_2770

3.5oz Blue Ice Vodka

2oz Smoke Liqueur

1.5oz Vidal Ice Wine

1oz Cedilla Acai Spirit


  1. This ones quite the boozy beauty, which is why Ice Queen was so perfect for this cocktails name.
  2. Simply pour all into a martini shaker, ice your glass, pour, and enjoy!

Pairing: Rock & Roll by Imagine Chocolates



Snicker Doodle CocktailIMG_2777

2oz Godiva Liqueur

1.5oz Stoli Vanilla

1.5oz Pinnacle Salted Caramel Vodka

Splash of Chila Orchata


  1. This one is a little trickier because you don’t want to curdle the Chila.
  2. Combine all spirits except chila into martini shaker
  3. Slowly add a splash of the Chila
  4. Close cap tightly and shake very well to make sure no curdling happens
  5. Rim with cinnamon and sugar and pour into chilled glass

Pairing: Fire Ball candies or Cayenne Pepper Chocolate Covered Strawberries



Boozy Frozen Hot ChocolateIMG_2778

4oz Organic 1% Milk

1 pinch granulated sugar

2tsp Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

2oz Godiva Liqueur


  1. In a small sauce pan, combine milk and cocoa powder and a pinch of granulated sugar
  2. Dissolve sugar and cocoa until all combined into chocolate liquid
  3. Pour hot mixture into a martini shaker with ice and shake
  4. Throw mixture with Godiva Liqueur into a small blender with ice and crush until slush like
  5. Pour into glass, and add an extra liqueur rim shot if desired

Pairing: Caramel Popcorn



Bourbon Baby CheesecakeIMG_2779

4oz Polar Seltzer Fudge Cheesecake

2oz Four Roses Bourbon

1.5oz Godiva Liqueur

TT Simple Syrup


  1. Make simple syrup if you don’t have, but Agave sweetener works just as well too!
  2. Combine bourbon, syrup, and liqueur into martini shaker and shake it up
  3. Pout into glass while also pouring the sparkling water, this will mix it up well
  4. Enjoy!

Pairing: Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Caramelized Banana’s