Sorbet is not just for summer fun in the sun. For you frozen food enthusiasts, you know exactly what I mean right? Sorbet is fantastic inside truffles, on its own, as a parfait with granita, and of course as a cocktail addition. Sometimes you just want a little bubbly and a little something to scoop while you drink too; who says you can’t take a bite out of your cocktail?

Here is a delicious way to have your cocktail and eat it too! 


Raspberry Sorbet Sparkler: IMG_2360

8oz Papi Moscato, Moscato di Asti, or Prosecco of your choice

1-2 scoops Raspberry Sorbet

Guava Juice TT (optional)


1. The juice is optional, but I added a splash of guava for color and sweetness, but I have tried this with out the guava and it is basically the same and just as delicious as ever as your dessert cocktail!

2. Scoop sorbet into glass first

3. Pour sparkling wine over sorbet, spoon, and enjoy!


Pairing: President Creamy Brie and Quince Paste