download (2)The Poinsettia, a flower that comes around the winter holidays and is strikingly beautiful. I always know when Christmas is near because my mother floods the house with these wonderful flowers and it makes everything look so beautiful and cheerful.

The Poinsettia is more than just a flower however, as it is also a fun, festive, cocktail that never misses it’s debut at my family’s holiday gatherings!


Poinsettia:  IMG_0958

2oz Vodka (I like Milano Green Vodka)

4-6oz Champagne or Prosecco (depending on glassware chosen)

1-2oz Cranberry Juice (or to taste)


1. I like to use champagne flutes or a wine glass for this beverage.

2. simply pour the sparkling wine, vodka, and juice in glass, give it a light stir, and enjoy cold!



Brownie-Brittle-Bag-904x1024Suggested Pairing:  Shelia G’s Brownie Brittle!