Stuff your stockings in style this year with some fantastic gifts. Have a favorite foodie in your life? These gifts are great for stocking stuffers, secret Santa grabs, and any other holiday gifting tradition you have this season. I know myself… and all these gifts rock! Anyone as food obsessed as I am will love each and everyone of these great gifts for all your holiday giving. 

Candyland_deksel_USA_packshot Low ResGamesformotion: Remember playing Candyland growing up? How about Guess Who? Monolopy or Scrabble? Gamesformation gives you the ability to play your favorite games and eat them too! These game pieces are made of chocolate, come with a complete board, and if you can resist eating all the delicious milk chocolate pieces… maybe you can play twice.


masherThe IMUSA Wood Mortar and Pestle: Foodies are fun to buy for… at least that what my family thinks because every year I get flooded with food and wine gifts. This Mortar and Pestle is perfect for grinding fresh herbs and looks fantastic on your counter in your kitchen. It also fits perfectly in a stocking too!

lemonIMUSA Lemon & Lime Squeezer: This is great for your friends who love to add citrus to just about everything.Squeezing lemons and limes isn’t always the most fun job, however no one can resist delicious citrus risotto, key lime pie, or lime sorbet… so stuff this in your home cooks stocking this year, and reap in the delicious benefits!

oven linersOven Must Haves: This Cookina Gard Reusable Cooking Sheet and Oven Liner are a home cooks life saver this holiday season and beyond! I use the reusable cooking sheet to cook bacon in the oven. Not only does the grease come right off, its easy to use, washable, and perfect for your favorite foodie! *Quick Tip: Lay bacon on your reusable cooking sheet, heat oven to 400 degrees, bake the bacon for 7-10 minutes until desired doneness, and enjoy the bacon with no kitchen mess! 

Dots 2.0 Red 3000x3000Bella Housewares: Bella Housewares created a line of Toasters, Coffee Makers, and much more in the most fantastic colors. Create a stylish kitchen with this bold red, or my favorite, which I currently own: the Rose Gold and Black coffee pot and matching toaster. The coffee pot makes up to 12 cups, is perfect for your counter without taking up too much space, and the prices are unbeatable! Pair with the toaster of course, and you will be considered the best gift giver this holiday season.

NK 4 Pack Open_edNot Ketchup: These line of dipping sauces are perfect for any stocking stuffer, grab bag gift, and for splurging on yourself if you choose to do so. The Smoky Date dipping sauce is delicious with Polenta Fries, Turkey, and Sweet Potato Latkes. They also come in Spiced Fig, Cherry Chipotle, and Blueberry White Pepper!


416RFqYcKvL._SX425_Organic Sweeteners: Madhava Natural Sweeteners is the Organic product you need this season. If not for someone to gift… then for yourself. The Salted Caramel Coffee Sweetener, made with agave is the best way to wake up in the morning, and even tastes great in sauces for desserts. The Blueberry Pancake Syrup is great to wake up to on Christmas Morning, and the Cinnamon Whipped Honey will make your French Toast to die for. Spread some organically sweet holiday cheer this season.

baking_with_12_pack_entertainer_kit_533px__89983.1407200475.1280.1280Cakes Under The Influence: As seen in the feature for National Cake Day, these cake kits will have your boozy buddies in total awe this holiday season! These may be too big for your stocking… but make for a great gift under the tree.

book.jpgCooking Up Memories: This gift ties it all together. Make a beautiful basket and fill it with all these wonderful food inspired gifts, while including this book. Cooking Up Memories is great for a mother, grandmother, aunt, or anyone who has a foodie they want to share some delicious memories with. The beginning you can share all your memories with your favorite food pal, and towards the end you can write your favorite recipes. This gift is sentimental, sweet, and delicious!

tipTip n’ Split: This product is perfect for those food lovers who go out to eat a lot. This I loved for my Grandmother, who you will frequently find dining out and always struggling to see the bill total. Figuring out the tip can be difficult in dimly lit restaurants. Not anymore; tip split is here to help. Equipped with a light, magnifier, and calculator, this small and easily accessible purse or pocket pal is a must have this holiday season!

 Keep an eye out for all these great gifts being used on this holiday season and beyond. I have personally tried each and everyone of the gifts in the guides this year to ensure you the best gift giving guide out there! Share some delicious memories, give gifts that they will love, and have a very happy holiday season.

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