Genesis_primary_picWine preservation is crucial when you open a nice bottle of wine and want to save all of its beauty. I will even admit that sometimes I open a bottle with the best intentions and then get distracted, or have to jet off to an event, leaving my newly opened bottle for the night. I always used the vacuum preservation systems, which work well enough, but only for a day or two.  Some “Somm Problems” I encounter on a daily basis is the amount of wine I have to drink and review. What’s a wine lover to do? I can’t waste good wine, but I also should not be drinking multiple bottles a night; Genesis is the solution to all of my Somm Problems! I recently discovered and attended the Genesis Wine Preservation System launch at The Little Owl event space. Here we tasted a Chilean Cabernet that was opened October 27th 2014 and the launch date was November 12, 2014. Not only was I intrigued to see just how fresh the wine still tasted, but also after “nosing” the wine all of those green Chilean notes were still fully present! product_angle_lg_0a681ebc-792f-4ec1-8a9b-4e9e7059a62e            This wine preservation system is perfect for your countertop at home and makes a great gift this holiday season. Retailing at $499.00, it comes with a full can or argon which will last you a very long time. The beauty of this system, which I love, is that for the home you can keep a bottle of wine in the system and pour the wine from it. What? Yes, this system has a spout that can pour your wine into your glass while still preserving it.

            It looks gorgeous on your counter top, and also comes with three extra tops to preserve more than one bottle at a time. Just think, now you can open multiple bottles at your holiday parties and don’t have to worry about wasting the wine that’s leftover. Simply use the genesis! This will be the most talked about piece in your place and will make your holidays that much easier and bright.

Keep an eye out for this system appearing in SommInTheCity’s gift guides this holiday season, as well as in the launch of my YouTube Channel come the New Year!  Genesis, invented by Napa Technology: a leader in the wine preservation system for restaurants now brings the best to your home, and it is the only wine preservation system you will ever need.