*This blog post is sponsored by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own 

palmPalm Oil comes from the Rainforest, and is very good for you. Palm oil is used in many of the everyday items found on your supermarket shelf, and is extremely popular. It has excellent cooking properties under high temperatures, it has a smooth and creamy texture, and an absence of smell. Try palm oil to your favorite baked goods and foods for added health benefits! 

Did you know that there are good and bad palm oils? Palm oil is almost 50% of the everyday products we buy in the supermarket, and you as a consumer have the right to choose products that use good palm oil. From margarine and chocolate, to noodles and doughnuts, palm oil makes up a lot of what we eat. So what’s good palm oil v.s. bad palm oil? 

Good: If it’s grown sustainably, palm oil production can benefit local communities, and help to protect valuable species and forests. By using sustainable practices, farmers can increase their income by making more palm oil from less land. – GoodBadPalmOil.com

Bad: When palm oil is grown unsustainably it can have a big impact on people and the environment, sometimes destroying forests and the homes of animals like the orangutan and the Sumatran tiger. – GoodBadPalmOil.com 

To be honest, I had to look through all my cabinets because palm oil was something I wasn’t aware of. I knew it existed, but never thought much about it being in so many things I use and consume. 

13139271_1151016781628313_5969999049494495070_nThe Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is working across the whole industry with farmers and grocery stores to get everyone working towards sustainable palm oil. The RSPO aims to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm. As a not-for-profit association, they unite stakeholders from the palm oil industry to develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil. The association has over 2000 members globally that represent 40% of the palm oil industry, covering all sectors of the global commodity supply chain.

What’s interesting is that palm oil can be found in around 10% of America’s grocery store items. Palm oil in foods can be considered bad due to the rainforest deforestation it’s causing. This is because of the BAD PALM OIL and it’s important to be aware that you use a RSPO Certified Palm Oil for your cooking needs. Palm oil is a great and inexpensive alternative with Vitamin E benefits. We should care about the environment and also about what we put into our bodies, and thats why this RSPO “Whats In Your Food” campaign is important. At RSPO, they believe that achieving 100% certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) in Europe is not only a realistic ambition but a vital one too. The production of ‘bad’ palm oil is rapidly destroying virgin rainforests and ecosystems. This is causing air pollution to rise and putting many species at risk of extinction. If grown sustainably, ‘good’ palm oil can benefit local communities with fair working conditions and help protect valuable species and forests.

icecreamBe sure to share this campaign and keep an eye out for RSPO certified palm oil in your foods. Look out for the RSPO symbol on products you buy to ensure they are good palm oil certified. Although you may not use palm oil in all your baking adventures, it’s nice to know that when you do use it, you now know how to find the sustainable one! For more information on Palm Oil, and RSPO, visit HERE#GoodBadPalmOil