If you haven’t seen already from all my posts and Instagram content, I am always making a cheese and charcuterie board. I think I actually have one about every two weeks, shared with friends and family of course. I love them so much because they can be seasonal, they are fun to make, they can be as creative as you want, and it’s always nice to see how flavors come together.

I am obsessed with cheese, so much so that after my next wine certification I am looking into cheese education! I want to learn everything I can about cheeses and thanks to Cheeses of Europe, I was able to taste some amazingly fresh French cheeses this week. These are iconic very well known and some maybe not so well known to you, I myself have heard of them all but tried one for the first time this week.

If you’re seeking some new cheeses for your next board, here are four you will want to make sure you have!

1. Fresh Chevre Log- Mildest of the French Cheeses. From Loire Valley. France. Great flavor, mellow tang, awesome and spreadable! I love this cheese on it’s own or on some baguette, however you can easily step it up a notch and add some really good Olive Oil and some spices to make it even more flavorful.

2. Camembert- An iconic French Cheese similar to Brie except, it has more of a buttery texture and mushroom like flavors. Check out my Instagram reels and YouTube channel, to see how I bake this amazing cheese too.

3. Epoisses (A Pwass)- Deep orange with a strong aroma and bold flavor. Silky and smooth, great on fruit bread or raisin crisps. It’s buttery and delicious and really is fun to add to your board as well as pronounce. Something also cool, this cheese is washed with Marc d’ Borgogne Spirit and aged 4 weeks!

4. Bleu d’ Auvergne-Oh how I love a good bleu cheese! Normally I love bleu cheese with port wine, sauternes, and or on a burger but when its on a board, the pairing opportunities are endless! This cheese is an acquired taste, and is pungent and delicious. It’s salty, spicy, and tangy, with a long flavorful finish.

To complete your board, make sure to have some other delicious accompaniments to the cheeses like dried fruit, seasonal fruit butters and jams, nuts or seeds, some meats like Prosciutto or Serrano ham, and finally some crostini, bread, or crackers.

See the full video on Youtube!

Happy Holidays to all, and please pair responsibly!