Monday night, Action Against Hunger and Ultimat teamed up to produce a spectacular event for community goers to show their support for a wonderful non-profit organization. A night of cocktails and renowned bartenders filled the Marquee with guests, press, and organization members. At the event, everyone received a poker chip in which we were encouraged to vote for our favorite cocktail. The bartenders came up with special Lemonade inspired drinks featuring Ultimat Vodka and as guests we reaped in the benefits of being able to try every one of them

Again, as I mentioned in my last post, the beauty of Action Against Hunger is to feed malnourished children and get their health back so they can grow and flourish properly to live a strong and healthy life. The highly nutritious peanut bars that they deliver to children in need only cost about thirty three cents each, which when you think about it may seem like nothing, but it truly does help. One bar is one meal for a child, so just think of what your five dollar donation can do! Five dollars will feed a child for five days three meals a day, imagine being able to help a child for that amount of money. Elizabeth Anderson Rapport, Communications Officer  for Action Against Hunger, who was at the event, informed me that it only takes 45 days for a child to come out of the malnourished state once fed properly. This organization encourages, but does not ask guests and contributors to donate, but informs the communities that five dollars does truly go a long way.

The Marquee is a gorgeous venue space with two floors, bars, a lounge and table area, and was perfect for this event. Ultimat is a smooth vodka, and led the bartenders to create fantastic inspired drinks full of life, energy, and creativity. Igor Zukowiec, Founder of Alchemiq won the Ultimat Bar Master contest with his Lemons & U cocktail which consisted of Ultimat, Fresh Lemon Juice, Coconut Water, and Honey. This drink was addicting, refreshing, and kept the guests coming back for more the entire night.

Another cocktail that is certainly worth mentioning was an interesting one named Man in the Mirror.  Naomi Schimer from Los Angeles, CA invented this cocktail including Ultimat, Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice, Lemon Myrtle Syrup, Jasmine Green Tea, Sherry, Coriander Tincture, and Orange Bitters. Out of this World, it was that delicious!

This night was one to remember, and for all you non-profit organization supporters out there, there is still time to donate! Remember, you can text in the word “Lemonaid” to 50555 and donate your $5.00 to help a great cause. This campaign is going on May 20th 2013- August 20th 2013 which is National Lemonade Day! Donations can also be placed more than once and can really have an impact on a child’s life and give them hope for the future. This is a cause worth supporting and I hope you readers and followers will give your $5, you will feel good.

For more information you can visit Action Against Hunger’s website:

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