Located in the Valle dei Laghi in the north of Italy is Cantina Toblino, a gorgeous winery and restaurant with some of the most stunning mountain sights! Not far from the town of Trento, this spot thats north of Lake Garda is one not to miss for its incredible beauty, nature, and wines. This area is protected by the Dolomites and surrounded by many lakes which bring a nice influence to the wines of this region.

In 1960 a group of passionate winemakers from the area decided to join forces and build a team to empower wine potential in the area. General Manager Carlo De Biasi works closely oenologist as well as agronomists to create some pretty stellar wines and has done so much for the winery. This winery is eco-friendly as well as a co-op with 600 winegrowers and a total of over 900 hectares. They also have experimental vineyards and are always staying innovative but at the same time keep to old world traditions and winemaking too.

I was able to spend the day with Giovanni Brumat, the Brand and Export Manager of Cantina Toblino. He was amazing at showing us around the winery and is so knowledgeable and passionate about the wines, history, and area. I was able to try some of their Nosiola and Vino Santo, which are iconic wines in the Trentino area. The Nosiola which they produce under the label L’Ora is absolutely stunning and made from these native grapes. The high altitudes here make for extremely elegant, fresh, and fine wines. Today over a third of the vineyards are farmed organically and because of the winds and elevation this area thrives.

We began with some really fantastic sparkling wines from the area, Trento DOC. They are vivacious and fun with nice fruit, balance, and acidity. They make the perfect aperitif wines! After we tried some wines from the Classic line aka the Vino Biological. They make a Kerner which was absolutely delicious as well as the Gewürztraminer which has amazing acidity and fruit. These wines really have a range which is what I love about this winery. Every wine was so incredibly different but it still was true to the area.

The Chardonnay is bright and refreshing with gorgeous fruit and body. I also loved the Pinot Blanc aka the Praàl which is harmonious and full of fresh fruit, flowers, and minerality. I loved the Pinot Blanc with some of the seafood we had at dinner as well as the beef tartare in a bone marrow bone!

The Da Fòra is made from Manzoni Bianco which was fascinating to see that grape because before visiting Carpene Malvolti, I had never heard of it before. It’s quite delicious and makes for more of a fresh and savory white wine. It’s fragrant and alive and really delicious when paired with some local cheeses.

The Las made from Lagrein was one of my absolute favorites and really paired nicely with the fresh pasta and filet we enjoyed. The food at the restaurant is really incredible and you can tell that chef puts his love and passion in each dish he creates. The wine pairing menu is the best, and is always seasonal and fresh so I recommend getting that when you visit. They even have a shop inside, so if you like something you try, you can take it home with you.

The Pinot Noir was another favorite, especially of my husband. The Baticòr Pinot is extremely elegant and fruit forward with a nice subtle finish of stone and minerality. It was really something special when paired with the filet and foie gras!

We also got to try some wines from the Cru Selezioni the eLimarò which was out of this world! This wine comes from a selection of the best grapes and is so seductive. It has striking minerality and spice that you get from the North of Italy but with the finesse that is the land of Cantina Toblino.

Last but not least we enjoyed some more Vino Santo while waiting for our cab to bring us to La Dolce Mela, a unique one of a kind nature tourism hotel. It was really smooth with baking spice, fig, and raisin notes. On the palate it’s sweet with hints of spice following through. Cantina Toblino honestly makes one of the best Vin Santo’s I have ever had!

This area of Italy is absolutely breathtaking and if you have the opportunity to go, I highly recommend it. It’s not a bad drive from Lake Garda, and honestly the drive is so beautiful you will really love all the scenery. Italy is one of my favorite countries to drive through and going up north here is absolutely worth it!

Hosteria Toblino wowed us with their menu and food and Cantina Toblino really impressed with their wines. If you find yourself in the North of Italy and want to check out one of the best cooperative wineries I personally have ever visited, then you must come here.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!