I have been tasting, testing, and working with some pretty amazing brands this year. I am so grateful when I get to work with really great products to bring you the best in edible entertaining and this list is it! Here I have compiled what I deem essential for fall entertaining as well as the holidays. As crazy as it sounds, the holidays are going to be upon us very soon and these mixers, syrups, tableware, glassware, and more are all ideal for any occasion.

Beverage Enhancers

Wood Stove Kitchen Mixers- One of the best cocktail and mock-tail mixers ever! They have a huge variety of flavors all of which I have tasted between the summer Fancy Food Show and having some in my home for mixing. I have made several cocktails with these mixers and let me tell you, there is a flavor for everyone and they’re perfect for all occasions.  My favorites so far have been the Cilantro Lime, Strawberry Basil, Watermelon Mint, and the Blueberry Lavender. They also have a Mulling Syrup I can’t wait to use this season, now that it’s September it will be used a lot! $14.99/16oz bottle 

Twang Beer Salts- Made for more than just beer, and totally delicious for so many cocktail possibilities! Twang beer salts come in a variety of really fun flavors including Pickle, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon Lime, Cucumber Chili, and more. This company started in Texas in their garage and are the true example of the American Dream. They formed this business and have been bringing these really delicious amazing beer salts as well as margarita salts to drink lovers everywhere! $6+/3 count

Plants by People Plant Tonics- Healthy and delicious plant based tonic’s to mix into your favorite cocktails and mock-tails. These tonics are rooted in traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and are designed to make you healthier from the inside out. These are not to replace vitamins or other healthy foods, but they add to your overall lifestyle. They’re delicious and have a variety of good for you ingredients that also mix well into your favorite beverages like seltzer water, sparkling wines, water, and more. $13.95/5 sachet’s 

Zena Exotic Fruit Syrups The summer Fancy Food Show was a success. I met a ton of brands including Zena Exotic Fruit Syrups which are bold, delicious, and ideal for mixology. Organic fruits and vegetables are used to make these syrups which are from Africa and the owner Mr. Toufic Filfili had the vision of creating a company that would transform the local fruits and vegetables while ensuring to give higher value to the products of the land which used to rot at the end of the big seasons. I have tasted so far the Hibiscus and the Ginger, both of which are really amazing in cocktails and just to even spice up my seltzer waters. They also make juices as well as jams and sauces!

Glish: One of the coolest “Universal Fizz” canned beverages out there right now! This company signifies togetherness and is infused with ginger to uplift and refresh you. Sometimes you want something sparkling for your cocktail or mock-tail and Glish is the way to go! They have three really delicious flavors including Yuzu Ginger, which you will see I made into a cocktail on Instagram Reels. They also offer Chai Spice Ginger and Mango Ginger which I love for the upcoming fall season. $36/12 pack

Snowy River Cocktail Salt Flakes: All natural award winning cocktail glitter and sprinkles are essential when crafting the perfect beverage! I don’t know about you but I am all about that edible glitter and would take it on every beverage if I could; haha I am totally serious. I love when things look pretty and Snowy River truly delivers a really awesome product that you will love! They also offer decor, glitter, sugar, and salts for all your beverage needs. From martin’s to margaritas, mock-sangria and more, the options are endless with the colors and variety they offer. $7.95+ /pack

For The Kitchen & Bar

Fortessa® Jupiter Bowls- Absolutely fabulous, this set of 6 bowls is inspired by Persian flea market finds. They are beaded and have a timeless elegance that adds height, beauty, and balance to any cheese and charcuterie board. I also love using these for popcorn for my wine tastings too! I have the sage set and it’s the perfect color for any kitchen no matter what decor or style you go with. They also come in an array of other colors as well, and would be incredibly fun to mix and match some sets. These bowls are the ideal gift to give and get for all the fall and holiday seasons. $47.70/6 bowls

GiGi Champagne Flute– For the best brunches, glassware is also essential. For a Sommelier like myself, glassware is everything and these GiGi Champagne Flutes are top notch! They’re so beautiful and such a unique shape that they make an ideal gift for any wine lover in your life. Spice up your table decor with these too, they’re a total conversation piece that everyone will love. They look just so stunning and should be on your must have list if you’re like me and entertain a lot. Whenever I break these out, they grab everyones attention! $60/4 glasses

Silpat® Min Madeline Mold One of my favorite things to eat and make are Madelines. I am working on some fun fall flavors to post to IG so stay tuned, but in the meantime you need to get yourself one of these. I began using Silpat over ten years ago when I became a pastry chef. I loved their convenience, non-stick abilities, as well as the easy cleanup of them and instantly fell in love. Fast forward over a decade and I still use Silpat everyday. The mini Madeline molds are ideal for making yours perfect, plus then you don’t need to store Madeline pans anywhere. simply roll it up when you’re done and you have easy non-stick storage too. Madelines can stick especially if you don’t butter the pans well enough, so having silpat also makes that part way easier than the traditional metal baking pans. $65

Distil Drinkware- Cut glass inspired by Scotland’s rich history! These are perfect for any home bar thats sophisticated and stylish. Schott Zwiesel glassware is really amazing and the glassware is machine-made Tritan™ Crystal that uses a formula that replaces lead with zirconium for added brilliance and titanium for strength. On top of this it also is such a great way to style your drinks, and sip from something so special. I collect glassware, so for some like myself this makes the ultimate gift to give for any drink lover (doesn’t always have to be alcohol). $119.70/6 glasses

Crafthouse by Fortessa® Smoking Cloche Ideal for smoky cocktails and drinks! Being the best bartender at home is something you can now add to your to do list, because this smoking cloche is absolutely amazing and so great for cocktails. Want to smoke your old fashioned? Want to add a spooky look to your halloween beverages? Simply add some smoke and watch your guests be amazed at your creations. This is a delicious and creative way to do cocktails a bit differently, plus you can also smoke other things too! I know myself I will be smoking cocktails and also maybe some popcorn… because if you know me, you know my popcorn addiction! $179.95/Cloche set 

Traveling & Keeping Cool

PackIt Freezable Wine Cooler Bag- Great for bringing chilled bottles of bubbly and wine to my friends houses, to the park, or to my tastings! I used the PackIt wine cooler bag recently at a client tasting where I needed to bring a chilled bottle of wine on a 30 minute drive. I got to the home and the bottle was perfectly cold, it was ideal for serving and was great to not have to worry about bringing ice and an ice bucket. The Celebration Dots is my favorite pattern, and it makes a great gift for the holidays! $19.99

PackIt Soft Cooler Bag- This bag is awesome and can hold 15 cans, or even two bottles of wine! The Zuma Cooler comes in three bold colors ideal for any season. I love the Lemonade it really stands out. It also keeps all my cans cool, when I am on the road doing samplings or trying to keep things cool on the way home from the grocery store. PackIt makes really high quality bags that fit wide containers, it has an adjustable strap, and also has a great zip closure, so I don’t worry about my cans or wine spilling out and breaking. $29.99

If you’re seeking to make your barware and mixology game better, then these products are a must have! High quality, great tasting items, gorgeous glassware, and so much more. I call these my fall essentials for the season, however these are products I am using year round.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!