Edible aromas? What in the world is an edible aroma right? Alice & The Magician created unique flavors of fragrances that rest on the rim of your glassware for cocktails and creative concoctions. Aromas like Charred Bourbon Barrel, Perfect Ginger, Chocolate Birthday Cake, Winter Rosemary and Vermont Honey, as well as Sage and Exotic Citrus are just some of the cool cocktail aromas you can choose from.

Not only do Alice & The Magician create these very savory and sweet edible aroma’s, but they also can create custom fragrances as well. The company is a unique flavors and fragrances company founded by Chefs and Bartenders who wanted to share the true essence of flavor with the world.

The company carefully sources all the raw ingredients and blends them into edible fragrances. A bottle of fragrance is around $42.50 USD but you can have your own branded fragrance or one of their mastermind creations. These make great gifts for weddings as well as events and seasonal festivities.

These aromas are designed to last as long as it takes to finish a cocktail and the Charred Bourbon Barrel is very nice with my daily whiskey nightcap. I also love spraying some with my sweeter Dominican rum’s as it adds a nice smokiness to the very caramel and sugar can driven notes.

Here are some cocktails and recipe ideas!

1438011644489MEDITERRANEAN COSMOPOLITAN: available on Aliceand

1.5 oz white brandy/grappa

1 oz limoncello

2 wedges fresh squeezed lemon

.5 oz sweet vermouth


combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice and stir for 30 seconds. Strain into chilled martini glass and mist twice with fragrance. 

BLUE APIARY- available on Aliceandthemagician.com

14380114207152 oz Barr Hill gin

2 tablespoons fresh blueberry

1 oz lemon simple syrup

splash of soda water


muddle blueberries in cocktail shaker, add gin, ice and simple syrup. Shake vigorously and strain over new ice in old fashion glass. Mist twice with fragrance