Located inside the Trump International Hotel is DJT, a quaint cocktail bar that is hot, hot, hot! Here you will find some of the best craft cocktails made by Andrew Almanza and his team. Andrew grew up with a love for Mixology because of his father and knew it was a dream of his to become a mixologist. He started working as a bartender and worked his way up to head mixologist of the stunning and iconic Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas!

I went to Las Vegas to find the best in food, wine, and cocktails and this stop was one of the top finds. DJT is comfortable and quiet with a nice upscale ambiance. It’s a nice escape from the business and loud bars on the strip, so if you want to relax and enjoy a nice drink, this is the place to be.

Andrew walked us through the cocktail menu, where I started with a Clover Club cocktail, which is beautifully presented with a flower. The color is so striking and will be one of the first things you notice. It’s the perfect combination of raspberry, lemon, egg whites, and gin. This cocktail predates the probation named after the men’s club in Philadelphia.  After the clover club came the Blueberry Pisco Sour. This cocktail was not only gorgeous but it was tasty too. I love that this pisco sour has subtle blueberry notes from the actual fruit and isn’t taken down by sugar or fake ingredients. Andrew uses the kitchen a lot for his cocktails, which is how he creates the perfect sweet, savory, and balanced notes in the cocktails.

After the Pisco Sour, it was time for the Victoria which is a good drink for whiskey lovers. It has Bourbon, Cognac, and Framboise, and packs quite the punch but isn’t overbearing or too sweet. This cocktail comes in a beautiful crystal glass which really makes the sipping experience extra special.

After the first two, Andrew suggested we try something a little stronger that would really tantalize the taste buds! This cocktail did just that. The Sid Vicious is served in a tiki glass with a flaming absinthe sugar cube! It’s a combination of Stroh, coconut rum, melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and the absinthe sugar cube. This cocktail is quite strong, so be sure not to put the sugar cube in unless you’re really sure you want to make it even stronger. Overall this was one of my favorites of the tasting, due to its tiki nature, fun flaming abilities, and overall delicious taste.

For the tasting, since I had one more to try, so Andrew decided to make something extra special, which he calls Amongst Thieves. This cocktail was again, out of this world. He suggested sipping on the side the cinnamon is on because it changes the cocktail a lot. I did, and it did! This cocktail is simple with a nice amount of lemon, honey, and bourbon, but it’s smooth so even non-bourbon drinkers will absolutely love it.

While visiting Las Vegas, be sure to check our DJT for one of a kind craft cocktails! This spot is perfect for a relaxing afternoon or pre-dinner drink where you can enjoy a great atmosphere, service, and libations.