The Meatpacking District of NYC is no longer full of large dumpsters of decaying flesh, cross dressers, and crime. It is now very chic, expensive, and where you will find some of the hottest NYC restaurants and bars.

IMG_6426            Tim Vos, the Master Distiller of Van Gogh Vodka was in town for a few days and tasted me through some of the Van Gogh flavors. My first thought was, “does Van Gogh have that many flavors”? It does! In fact, they have twenty-five enjoyable, creative, and original flavors.


For the record, no I did not have lunch with all twenty-five flavors… I tried quite a few, but not the entire collection; yet.


Lunch was at Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking IMG_6427District, where we enjoyed a selection of Crostini to start. The Fig, Prosciutto, and Goat Cheese Crostini paired pleasantly with the Blue Triple Wheat vodka made into a Martini. Van Gogh is a very smooth vodka that doesn’t burn or become abrasive on the palate. This vodka when chilled is quite striking and delicious.


With the Crab Crostini, I would recommend the IMG_6428Van Gogh Gin flavor, which is great for people who love juniper and the herbaceous qualities of gin, but don’t want to drink gin. The next one that IMG_6415was a “pretty” surprise, was the Acai-Blueberry Van Gogh. This one is a beautiful purple color and is full of prominent berry aromas. This sweeter vodka paired very well with my salty, tangy, and savory Octopus.


IMG_6408At Fig & Olive, the appetizers are enough to fill you because its hard to choose just one. The Mushroom and Truffle Croquettes are insanely delectable and pair very well with the Cool IMG_6420Peach, Melon, and in this Pomegranate Lemonade cocktail.



IMG_6431Desserts here are of course necessary and the sampler is the perfect way to try the best ones. The Dutch Caramel Van Gogh vodka should be used on every dessert you eat now, and for the rest of your existence. This one is a winner on its own, but when paired with the chocolate mousse, it was out of this world, yum!



The Double Espresso is another fan favorite and IMG_6425should be enjoyed after a delicious meal or in your morning, afternoon, or nightcap coffee, because I don’t judge people that drink really good vodkas.

For those of you who want to check out more great flavors, visit Van Gogh’s site and explore the endless possibilities for your palate.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love; Please pair responsibly…